2020 – Let’s get the wheels in motion

Happy New Year everyone. 20 bloomin’ 20 ey. The point of the title is that sometimes, when I don’t blog for a while – I feel a bit weird about pressing publish again. Especially the fact that it’s a new year too just adds to it. So I’m just getting on with it and trying to stop to over think. I don’t want to talk about resolutions or what I got for christmas. I thought I’d catch up with somethings I’m behind on online and that’s Ross’ tag over on A Life on Wheels about what I’m looking forward to and Diary as Disabled Person’s Fearless Snowflake Award

So first thing’s first, what am I looking forward to this year?


If you’re only just joining on this blog, the update is, in the next month I will be getting my first adapted car that I will drive with hand controls. Oh my goodness. I am so bloomin’ excited to use trains less. For me it’s the little things that will be life changing, like not having to plan with other people to go out and be able to pop to the shops for a loaf’a bread. Who am I kidding, I defo mean for a bag’o crisps.

A holiday 

I’m not sure where yet but I’d really like to go on a trip this year. I’ve mentioned before I’ve had travel anxiety before but now I feel a lot calmer travelling and I’ll have the car too – I’d really like to take a trip somewhere. Can you recommend any good road trips starting from Yorkshire? I’d love to know!

My birthday

This year I’m going to be 27. A weird fact about me – 27 is my luckiest number. Don’t ask me why. Ok gu on then. It basically kept popping up in my life as a child and I was like WOAH and it’s stuck ever since. I’ve ridiculously been gearing up for my 27th now and I can’t wait. I feel like it’s going to be a big year and I want to treat it as someone else would a ‘Big’ birthday – so that’s what I’m going to do. Better get planning for that one…

And finally

The Fearless Snowflake Award

I really chuckled at this and was of course honoured to be chosen by Emma to get this. I’ll let you read it if you want to know more, but it’s the brilliant idea to use a word that’s commonly used as an insult and to own it and make it something to be proud of (which I am) – as Emma said “it should be used to celebrate individuals who advocate for equality both on their blog, & in real life.”

Logo of The Fearless Snowflake Award
Created by Diary of a Disabled Person

Thank you to Diary of a Disabled person for creating this and definitely go check out this brilliant blog of life updates, cracking sarcasm and honest accounts of what it’s like experiencing barriers as a disabled person. 

Ok so nominate Poppy. Poppy is someone I instantly clicked with on instagram. She’s sarcastic, funny and real. She shares her honest accounts of being disabled, her deep thoughts about life – as well as just cracking jokes about any old thing. She also has a few videos on YouTube where she shares more about herself and her (amazing!?) talent… ha ha.

So there we have it, first blog of 2020 done! I’m looking forward to what this year will bring – if you’d like to stick around, there’s an option to subscribe to these posts on the right hand side of the page and posts will automatically fly to your inbox. Honestly, if you click fast enough, you’ll probably see all the typos I forgot to edit if you’re really lucky… anyway, see you on the next one!

Gem x