5 Products That Make Life Easier

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I like to make my life as easier as possible, whenever possible. As a disabled person I have to constantly look at products and see if I will be able to use them. If it means it will cut my routine time or take less energy, I’m in. So I thought I’d use this post to talk about what I’m using at the moment to make life easier. Because let’s face it, we all want to don’t we?

Garnier Cleansing Water
Now I’ve used quite a lot of these products and this seems to be the best so far. I find with some of them I’m using loads of cotton pads and dragging my skin until my cheeks are burning. But with this, it gets my make up off in a cotton pad per eye. It’s also handy if I’m travelling and I can’t get to a sink properly. There are cute mini bottles too, which is perfect for my size!

Superdrug Pocket Mirror 
Talking of travelling, I always carry a mirror with me. Being a small person the chance of actually seeing yourself in a public toilet mirror is very slim. I either just see a strand of hair, or my forehead if I’m lucky. I like this mirror in particular because it folds into a ‘V’ shape so I can use this on the train, or on a table.

Boots Nail Polish Remover Pads
I have never been a fan of Nail Polish Remover pads. I particularly like glittery nail polish. Getting those kind of products off your fingers can take the same time as it would to individually scratch each nail off one by one. However, this particular pack is really saturated with remover, it doesn’t make your nails stink after and even makes them feel soft. Something I now keep in my bag just in case.

Colgate Kids Electric Toothbrush
Yes, the secret is out. I use a kids electric toothbrush. It’s actually a really funny story how I got this. Basically I refused to believe an adults electric toothbrush would be unsuitable. However I didn’t realise having brittle bones also means my teeth too. As soon as the adult electric toothbrush touched my tooth I felt like I was getting a root canal done at the dentist. So yep, out of all of the choices I chose a Minion Toothbrush. I had to put my stubbornness away and accept the facts – kids toothbrushes are ok. It’s actually really great and probably no different apart from the motion isn’t as harsh and has a smaller brush.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 
Now I’ve been trying to get a better skin care routine together, spots have arrived in my mid twenties. What is that about!? I absolutely love Liz Earle but I really struggle with pressing their pump bottles. I have now bought the squeeze-y bottles and they are SO much easier. I don’t have to have a fight with the bottle and I can actually choose how much of the product I want – Fancy that!

Now they are some products that make my life easier as a disabled person who struggles to physically open or access things around me. I would love to know any of your top tips you have! Be sure to share them down below!


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