Accessorise in Spring Time

Ah Spring, oh how it’s good to see y’again. Well I like spring because it’s finally getting a bit sunny again and people stop telling me to put my coat on. If you don’t know what I’m on about check out my autumn blog from last year.

One thing that does annoy me about this time of year though is clocks going forward. If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I’ve been having an absolute mare this week with the time change. I currently have 3 time telling devices in my room that all tick at different rhythms, now set at the wrong time and I can’t even reach them to correct the time – mum if you’re reading this – help ya gal out I keep forgetting to ask you.


Anyway I decided to get a time telling device that I could actually see and hold all the time – mi watch! This one is from New Look and was £10.99. I’m really funny about watches. Because my arms and wrists are small and weak, (bless meh) I need something that’s thin and light. This is perfect! As you can see it’s got Rose Gold/Gold features with a thin white leather strap.


There’s something really comforting about looking at an analogue clock don’t you think? I feel like digital clocks remind me that time is passing by quickly and constantly moving. An analogue clock is just chilling ticking slowly and doing one job. Don’t ask – it’s just my mind…

Anyway then I also got this incredible purse that’s actually called Mermaid Croc Purse. Isn’t that great? It shimmers so much and inside it is lilac. I’m really loving lilac at the moment. It’s a thin purse which I look for as it can slot in the side of my chair too. All in all great buy and it was only £3.99!

Baby pink Gelly Barry M nail varnish is what i’ve been wearing for the last couple of weeks. It’s clean and suits short nails and feels great when you’re dressing in spring outfits. I think this colour is called ‘Bashful’ and is £3.99. Apologies for the terrible painting job, I have no excuses but don’t they look pretty?


Lastly look at these hoops! I absolutely love them they’re so dainty and smaller than they look on the photo. As you can see they’re from Topshop and have that cheeky bit of Lilac so of course I had to get them. They were a tiny bit pricey £8.00 – I don’t usually pay more than £5 for earrings as I have a high probability of one loosing one. But I’m willing to take the risk…


So there we have it, that’s my fave products so far this spring. I think my favourite has to be the watch, I’ll let you know how I go on with it. I’d love to know your fave spring items too because shopping, even if it’s just window shopping is always on the agenda. Anyway Happy Spring everyone – may the sun keep it’s hat on!



Nail Varnish 

Earrings – I can’t find the exact set but here are the one’s similar to the lilac hoops