How to make meetings inclusive for wheelchair users

Gem smiling in business outfit

Previously I have posted top tips for wheelchair users about networking. Unless you’re in a familiar setting, meetings can be difficult (at times) for wheelchair users, whether that’s getting there, getting into the building, knowing where to go – never mind the actual meeting. It’s important to make your meeting space as accessible as possible […]

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Explaining Disability to Children

Explaining disability to children, Gem Turner

One of my most read blog posts is one where I talk about parents reacting towards me as a wheelchair user when they’re with their children. This is something that we don’t really talk about because you don’t really prepare for it – then it happens and we all carry on with our day. But […]

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Being Independent Doesn’t Have to Mean Being Alone

Image of Gem holding a cup of tea

When I was younger, I couldn’t comprehend the idea of being fully independent. I needed help from my family pretty much 24/7. Personal care/opening doors/getting food/going out. You name it, I needed it. I was a very happy child (most of the time) and this was my normal. When I grew older into my teenage […]

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The Unfortunate Tales of Being “Recognised”

Image of Gem holding a cup of tea

When you are someone with a genetic condition, it’s very common for people to mistake you for someone else. I’ll often go about my business and someone will stop me and say, “hello Megan!” (alternate names available) and I will explain I am in fact not Megan, but don’t worry. The person will then tell […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts When Talking About Disability

The do's and don't when talking about disability

When I talk to people, and they find out that I love to chat all things disability – one of the first things people say is “you just don’t know what to say anymore do you”. And I get it, but I think we all need to be open to learning more and not just […]

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The Art of Not Being Subtle (at all)

Gem Turner wearing purple floral dress holding blue china mug and plate

Last week I was in a shopping centre with no makeup on – feeling a bit conscious, and if I’m honest – a bit hungover. Birthday week and all that. I was about to head to another birthday party and was definitely not looking my best. I wanted to put my make up on, but […]

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Building Confidence as a Young Disabled Woman

Image of gem in garden holding hair and wearing leopard print jacket

At the time of publishing this, it’s Rare Disease Day. This is a chance to talk about not just the rare conditions we have, but also aspects of our lives with having these conditions. In the past I talked about accessing treatment for common illnesses. This year I want to talk about confidence. When you’re […]

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Answering Common Assumptions

Gem Turner smiling and holding hair

As we all know by now, I love to have a good chuckle about the things that people say to me. There’s this thing going round the blogging world at the moment where bloggers answer assumptions people send in about them. I thought this week I’d do this with a difference and talk about the […]

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Don’t feel sorry for me – I don’t want to look like everyone else

Gemma wearing orange outfit

When I meet people, especially people older than me, even at a glance, they feel sorry for me. I can tell. I get the sympathetic look, bow of the head or worst still – a pat on the head. People think I’m sad, I’ve got a hard life and it must be so difficult being […]

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Do you want to come to my party? | Access and socialising

Gem holding a wine glass

Ever since I was little my parents have always made sure I was surrounded by friends. Our house would be the place to hang out, have turkey dinosaurs and smiley faces and just generally have a great time. Access wasn’t really something I was thinking about. Even outside of the house – a lot of […]

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