What Makes a Good Taxi Driver? | Disability and Travel

Gem in long hotel lobby hallway

*Disclaimer – I had no images of me in a taxi and I’m too shy to take one so I used a random image of me in a hotel lobby instead* Now, I know most of my blogs basically include me moaning about the world whilst trying to see the funny side. But this week […]

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Dealing With Aches and Pains | Heat Treats

With the Beast from the East about to hit us for the third time, my body is not loving it. I’ve been ill and on and off aching or broken boned for the last few months. If you’re here for the first time, here’s my disability low down. Anyway, this time of year it takes […]

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Would you like me to pack your bag for you?

Picture of Gem grinning

Superdrug. For anyone not in the UK – it’s a glorious place. Albeit – the aisles are tight, the lights have a funny yellow hue and my chair has an 80% chance of randomly setting the door alarm off (and yes I always pause at the door to prove I am just as shocked and […]

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Who would you trust?

Right, you be me and I’ll be you. I’m in HSBC, I’m on my own about to meet some friends an hour later for dinner in town. I need to get some cash out for my taxis for the week for work. I decide I’m sick of forgetting to get cash each day and opt […]

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Wheel Appeal

Bit of a weird title, I know. I couldn’t think of a good one so this is all we’ve got. I started driving when I was 2 years old, I think anyway. Apparently when I first got my chair I would only drive in cirlces. Dad would say “try and go forward Gem” obviously I […]

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“I’m Right, You’re Wrong!”

So this week I found out you can link a video on a post! So here we go, I’ve not done one in a while – here’s a video update about the interactions I’ve had recently. Being disabled means being talked down to, or people assuming you don’t know what you’re talking about. So I […]

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Wow You’ve Broken Over 300 Bones! Does It Hurt?

When I announce to people I meet that I’ve broken over 300 bones, naturally people are shocked, I think I would be too. I mean talk about excessive. I just chuckled at my own joke. Actually announce is probably the wrong word. It’s not like I say “I’m Gemma and I’ve broken over 300 bones” […]

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It’s so Great you Get Out! | The truth about ‘getting out’

Gem holding Prosecco

I’ve had a full on week this week full of events and catching up with friends and it’s been glorious. I’m shattered, not because it’s been hard physically, but because I’ve had to deal with the public. I kind of see it like one of those arcade machines with the coins that build up. Each […]

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