CBD Oil – is it worth the hype?

*Disclaimer – this is no way sponsored, this was my own personal test*
I first heard about CBD and to be honest, I thought it was illegal as I’d heard it had cannabis in it. Then more people started talking about it, and I saw it in Holland and Barrett and thought, it can’t be that bad then. Turns out it’s the safe extracts from the resinous flower of cannabis. For more information, check out this website – don’t ask me about the science… However I have been taking CBD oil for the past 3 months as I was curious if it actually did anything, so I thought I’d share with you my thoughts, and ultimately if it’s worth the hype…

The background

So I heard that CBD is good for a number of things including aches and pains and arthritis. As I have arthritis and general bone pain everyday I really wanted to give this a go. I would say on a daily basis my pain is about 5 or 6/10 and sometimes it can increase to 8 on a bad winter day. In winter it was so bad that I would get home from work and literally want to go to bed straight away. So I thought I’d give this a go to see if it help reduce the pain at all

Image of CBD bottle with words hemptouch and CBD oil, Amber. There is a pipette dropping liquid into the bottle.

The Test

Although the above image is not the bottle I bought, it is very similar. I bought mine from Holland and Barrett at a pricey £35.00 – this one to be precise. I was reluctant at first as it is very expensive. However, as you only put 3 drops under your tongue per intake up to 3 times a day, it actually does go a long way (there is about 1/4 left after nearly 4 months). If you are thinking about getting some yourself, be sure to ask the assistant for advice as you can get different strengths, amounts and types.

When I got home I tried some straight away. I’m not joking when I say this – I definitely felt a change about 10 minutes in. My head felt a little lighter, I felt more relaxed and my joints felt looser. The only way I can describe it is you know when you’ve been out in the cold and you crumple yourself up? When I took this, I felt like that crumpled feeling had gone and I could relax a lot more. Now, here’s what you may be waiting for – the pain scale definitely lowered but not much. I would say it went from maybe an 8 to a 4. But I definitely noticed a difference. I also felt a lot calmer in myself.

Was it worth it?

So, after taking CBD oil for 3 months – here’s what I think. I don’t think it’s life changing. I would say if you have regular pain, it could lower your pain a little. However – for me personally I think it’s something to make you feel more relaxed rather than taking pain away. Having regular pain sometimes for me, makes it so that I don’t even know I’m in pain all of the time. When I take CBD oil – it just makes me feel good.

I watched a segment on ‘This Morning’ recently which said CBD is like the new ‘avocado on toast’ and I do have to agree with that. It’s expensive and to me – not a necessity (for me personally but I know for others it is) but it’s nice to have in the cupboard. If you have the money to get some and try it – I would say go for it, because it defintely does something. Is it a staple thing to keep in stock? I don’t think so. I think I could potentially buy some in the winter again to get me through the particular aches and pain days but for everyday use – it’s a no from me.

OOH controversial ey?

Has anyone else tried CBD oil? Let me know if it has helped you!

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