Common Reactions Booking a Viewing as a Wheelchair User

So whilst I’m on the road of sharing my journey with you on how I finally got my own place, I thought I’d share the (really) common reactions I would get from the very people who we all look to first when wanting to find our home 🏡

Image Descriptions:
1: “oh [cough] I [cough] see erm…”
2: “well the lift is broken and we don’t know when it’s going to be working again.
3 “yes I’ve booked that for you, just to let you know there is *one* step into the building”.
4: ” I’ll just stop you there we don’t have anything that would suit you, sorry love”

When people ask what I think we need to do to be more inclusive, this is one of them. It’s changing our gut reaction to disability. Because it’s not just about everyday chat, it impacts the real and very critical decisions we have to make in life too. The responsibility of accessibility is nearly always put on the disabled person to just do it themselves or magically find a way – when actually all of these things should be everyone’s responsibility, surely?

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