Dealing With Aches and Pains | Heat Treats [Gifted]

With the Beast from the East about to hit us for the third time, my body is not loving it. I’ve been ill and on and off aching or broken boned for the last few months. If you’re here for the first time, here’s my disability low down. Anyway, this time of year it takes it’s toll when it’s STILL cold and rainy. It can be hard for us all, but especially those who have any kind of health condition/disability etc (the wording of that isn’t great but you get me, when you got things going on!) So in this post I thought I would share how I deal with the aches and pains this time of year…

Accept It
It sounds so daft but I’m the kind of person who will plough through even though I should probably stop and rest. I don’t tell anyone other than immediate family because I’m embarrassed that I’m constantly ill or aching. However I’m always warmed by my friends’ reactions who sympathise (not too much of course) and who will text me funny memes and gifs while I rest.

Warm Up
Now, I’m a very warm person already and you’ll hardly see me with a coat on – much to everyone’s dissmay. However, when I have broken a bone – heat is a wonderful thing. It can get you from 8/10 pain level to 4/10 pain level instantly. Having some kind of heat situation that’s easy do make warm and looks good is pretty difficult. I always find heat packs to be older looking and classic tartan. Don’t you think? Recently the lovely people at Heat Treats sent me this amazing heat pack. It’s the Deluxe Fleece Soothing Lavender Wheat Bag in Leopard Print and I bloody love it. I’ve been using it constantly for just under a month now and it’s a staple accessory everyday. The lavendar takes me back to my young child days too which I find soothing. Heat Treats do some lovely products that are asthetically pleasing to the eye and super comfoting so check them out if you want some cosy in your life.

Netflix has been my bessie mate these past months. I love it because you can watch from any device, so if I’ve been in bed a lot I can watch it on my phone and then instantly watch from where I left off on my TV when I’m back in my chair. Winning. The shows I’ve been loving are:

– Once Upon a Time
– Riverdale
– The Sinner
– Mr Robot (that’s Amazon Prime – intense but amazing)
– Jane the Virgin
– Chicken Run (staple film saved for desperate times)

If anyone else has got any recommendations – hit me up! I’ve got quite a varied taste, just no horror please. Jumping and broken bones are a no no for me.

Gem Smiling holding a cup of tea

The Little Things
The last one is to do things that make you feel a little bit special. For me, it could be someone plaiting my hair. Or if I am able to, painting my nails. Getting someone else to make me a brew. Anything that will provide comfort immediately. Sitting back and relaxing is hard, but once you do it, it’s actually quite enjoyable!

Image of Cosy Items Together

What do you do to relax? Have you found this winter hard too? Roll on blooming summer – or just the sun to say hello!

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