Fashion Favourites | July 2019

Here we are again, this is becoming a bit of a tradition isn’t it? In fact I wrote one around this time last year! It’s a short one this time as I just thought I’d share my favourite outfits (with links) of July as I did have a cheeky little spree (or two). Finding clothes can be difficult when you’re sat down 24/7 and small. So here are my top finds in July…

Gem Turner smiling looking to the side wearing cream jumper and leopard print trousers

Top: New Look

Cycling Shorts: Boohoo

Yep you’re reading right, cycling shorts! Who knew they’d be good for someone with my shape. I ordered a bigger size than I usually would as I guessed they would be tight – and they’re perfect!

Gem Turner wearing black floral dress and copper trainers

Dress: Boohoo

I love this dress as it’s so bright and eye catching, the detail of the tassels really make it feel like you’re going ‘out out’ too.

Gem posing in front of mirror with black vest and floral skirt

Top: New Look (I can’t find the exact same link, but it’s very similar)

Skirt: New Look

The back of this shirt is stretchy, personally I prefer all of the waist to be stretchy but I bought a size bigger than usual so that it was easier to get on.

Gem Turner in garden wearing sun glasses and a green floral dress

Dress: Asos/New Look

I really love the bright colour of this dress, it not as stretchy as I would have liked but still did the job. Especially in the ridiculously hot weather we had in July!

Is anyone else ready for scarves and jumpers?

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