Fashion Favourites | May 2019

If you don’t know already, I love styling myself. I love to make clothes suit me properly, so therefore sometimes I have to buy things in different styles and sizes to suit my shape and size. So in this post I thought I’d do a small round up of my favourite fashion pieces I’ve been wearing in May and the links to where to get them from too!


Mini Leopard Print Bag

I love this bag! Yes it doesn’t hold very much in (probably a few coins and your bank card). However, it feels very luxurious when you’re using it, and to be honest, it’s rare that I can have a bag that’s not super heavy to hold. So I am loving the trend at the moment of mini bags!

Pearl Hair Clip

Pearl Snap Hair Clips

I have to admit, it does take me a while to clip these in (because I’m stubborn and don’t accept help). But I do like the idea that you can take a hair style from a 4 to an 7/10 just by putting a clip in.

Gem on train in floral purple and orange dress

Purple Floral Dress

Now, we know I love a maternity number. and this right here is such a great shape for me. My belly sticks out so this is perfect to hang freely over it. The wrap over can be tied to wherever you need it, so it’s just like putting a fancy cardigan on!

Gem wearing fluffy NYC jumper

NYC Fluffy Jumper with Hood and Zip

Offt. Now, this is probably my favourite number of all. I did ask mum to shorten the sleeves because it was drowning me. However, I can not tell you how COMFY this really is. You know when you’re having a chill day and you just want to put your hood and zip up. This is just perfect – and it’s the softest thing I’ve ever had. It’s not the most fashionable thing in the world, but the fact that it says NYC on it – I think makes it #cool right? (I know that makes me not cool saying that…)

Gem styling green trousers with black and white stripes down

Green Shorts / Trousers

And lastly, these gorg green trousers! They’re actually maternity shorts but – if the shoe (or in this case, shorts) fits, then why not! The waist band is super stretchy and I love that the colour is so eye-catching. It looks great paired with a black t-shirt. Definitely something I’ll be wearing a lot over summer.

I hope you enjoyed this post! A lot of people are interested in where I buy my clothes from so I thought I’d keep a little log of where I get my things from. Let me know if there’s anything out there that I may (defintely) need, because – you can never have too many clothes. Although, my mum seems to disagree!?

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