Following the Crowd | When Fashion Doesn’t Fit

I’ve always loved clothes, but I’ve not always known what suits me. There was a time between 16-18 years that I look back and think WHAT was I wearing?

For a long time I would either wear whatever would fit on me because I was excited that it did. Usually things were long sleeved or down to my wheels. Or I would try and fit in with my friends.

I mean just look…

This was in my college years and you could wear what you wanted. What a #nightmare. The in thing at college as you can see was a vest under a cool coloured sleeveless top. I did this for years. Now when I look back I totally cringe at the fact it doesn’t fit me, my boobs are just about covered and I remember I would constantly readjust the top. It took me a very long time to realise it’s always better to wear what suits you than to follow the crowd.

So, for that reason recently I have held off buying the ONE outfit I’m desperate for, and that’s some dungarees. All I’ve wanted is a navy stripy top under some cool dungarees. Obviously, for my little legs I have not found any.

HOWEVER, stop everything. I have found a wonderful adjustment which is a denim dress. It’s not exactly what I wanted but it fits, it’s denim AND I can actually move while I’ve got it on.

Blog demin dressYou can tie the straps at the top which is great. It’s also a maternity dress so goes right around my belly. brill. If anyone wants the link to it it’s from Asos.

So the moral of the story? Don’t buy it cause everyone else is buying it. You may as well work something that you actually feel good in and will wear again.


Yay for denim!

Are there any styles you love at the moment that just aren’t working out? I’d love to know!


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