Great Expectations

When I go out, people make assumptions all of the time. And that’s ok, we all do. People assume I’m always with someone and I’m never just hanging out on my own. And if I am with someone they assume the person I’m with is my carer when actually they’re my friend I’ve known since school. People assume when it’s time to pay the bill at a restaurant, only the person that I’m with is paying (lol). People assume that because I break bones regularly it doesn’t hurt, when it actually does – I just know what it’s like before it happens. People assume I’ve had a hard life because I’m in a wheelchair – when actually I’m a pretty happy and positive (most of the time) person. (cc my blog: You’re Always so Happy! for a lengthy rant about this) So last week I had such a refreshing thing happen that I wanted to share. It’s something that was so little but meant a lot.

I was in Byron with my mum and we were buzzin’ from the night before seeing Bruno Mars (find out more about that here). I saw on the menu they did milkshakes. I hadn’t had a milkshake in YEARS and I really wanted to try one. Knowing what I’m like and that I wouldn’t drink much I asked for a kids one. (They do offer alcoholic milkshakes but I thought that would be pushing it a little bit too far ordering a bit of voddy in my kids milkshake). Anyway mum pushed the boat out and ordered a white wine. We were giggling that I’d ordered a kids meal and milkshake when actually all I wanted a prosecco but they didn’t do single glasses. Boo.


So, to the point. A different waiter came to hand our drinks. He stopped and said “Milkshake? who’s this for?” Now, if we’re being totally honest, he could have had a pretty good guess that it was me, and I wouldn’t have blamed him if he just handed it to me. He didn’t. Not only that but he waited for an answer and did the same for the wine too. I was so happy because he listened to me as a customer and had no assumptions there. It’s just so refreshing because it very rarely happens.

I wanted to recognise it because challenging assumptions is something we can all do more of, myself included. I don’t know whether it’s kind of sad that I’m so happy about it and highlights the prejudices in the world. But that’s why I thought I’d talk about it, because words and actions do matter and you can literally make someone’s day by a small gesture like that.

So here’s to kid’s milkshakes (and no voddy). Oh and I’m laughing because I tried to pose while drinking it – yeah it wasn’t a good look.

Gem with Milkshake.JPG

By the way – I never did finish the milkshake…

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