Happy Birthday Dad

Posted by Gem Turner

To be read in the tune of “when I’m 64”

Dads getting older loosing his hair
Don’t tell him there’ll be a row
Let’s pretend he’s muscly and still looks young

Birthday greetings hope you have fun

Last week he was out till 11 o clock
Then clung to the fridge
Can’t drink like you used to, but that doesn’t stop you
Dad you’re fifty two!

You are fifty twooooo
Annnd just one thing to do
Don’t talk a-bout poo 😏

But dad you are handy making a brew
When I’ve got the bod on
You can make a path with a bridge and pond
Even though mum doesn’t want frogs
Installing 30 lightbulbs and 50 bushes
Who could ask for more?

You’re getting older, but you’re still a grafter
Dad you’re 52!

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