Have a little patience | disability and door knocking

Note saying “Please allow time to answer door”

Random title I know! But, here’s a snapshot of my life today. I’m expecting some kind of “fire hazard check” for our building.

We’ve been told if we don’t allow access we get charged for them to come back again.

It always takes me longer to get to the door as a wheelchair user. I could be out of my chair, need to quickly (and safely) get back in and drive to the door and usually, the person has gone by then. So now I don’t do knocks. In fact non of my pals knock on my door we do the old “I’m here” text.

So today I’ve posted this on my door. A post it which says “please allow time to answer the door – thanks :)” smiley just because you know how it is.

I don’t really like doing this because it could send a message that I’m somewhat vulnerable. But we live in a world of impatience (and fees for not being quick enough) so this is what I’ve had to do.

I’m sure I’m not on my own here, there are lots of disabled pals who feel similar. So message of today, as Take That say “have a little patience” ey?

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