Holiday Highlights

If you don’t know already. I’ve just got back from a glorious holiday filled with lots of, well if I’m honest food and drink between lots of reading and sunbathing. That was exactly what I needed. I thought I’d give you my top few highlights from a ShortSparkle’s perspective, because wherever I go, there’s always a few laughs somewhere.

Ramps Galore

Forget Alton Towers, if you want an adrenaline rush just head down to Cala d’Or. I’m not joking every turn there was another ramp to tackle. Now I’m not an expert on building ramps but I’m pretty sure we have some standards on gradients and lengths of ramps. Spain have no time for this however. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate a ramp of course – better than a huge flight of stairs. However when you think you’re going to do a front roll tumble every corner it starts to grate on you a bit. Half way through the holiday I decided to reverse down them. At least if anything happened I could look at the sky rather than the concrete road.


(you can’t tell how steep this is but this is one of said ramps)

Free Massage?

Ok bear with me, because this is a bit weird. Ramps aside, England should really look into having pavements like Spain. Cobbles are my enemy, not to mention embarrassing when bobbling along the road. In Spain however they had even pavements that weren’t too bumpy and felt like you was on those massaging chairs you put a pound in for five minutes. So after a cheeky full breakfast, rolling on them felt like I’d toned it all off (definitely didn’t).


Oh na na, what’s yer age (Sing like Rihanna’s song)

This is proper cheeky but it was hilarious. Being just under 3 foot is great to see reactions of people. Especially when ordering drinks on our evening meal. One night I ordered a jug of Champagne Sangria. The waiter follows with “2 glasses?” and I obviously reply, “no just the one please”. Anytime I ordered a drink I would get a cheeky wink or smirk. To be honest I think I could order two tequilas with a chicken nugget meal and get away with it.


S**t Shopping

This was a joke between mum and I. It turned out we would regularly go shopping for what can only be described as absolute tat. But you’ve got to do it haven’t you? I’ve always wanted that really tiny sparkly purse that doesn’t actually have enough room to put anything in or that pen that you’re going to use every day but loose in the suitcase. I’m saying all this but I’m going to end this blog by showing you the most INCREDIBLE shoes I have ever seen. I bought these from the ‘Happy Shop’ which definitely described me after I bought them for only 8 Euros.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 20.43.51.png

Just look at them! What’s great, (pink and polka dots aside) is that they have a little heel AND easy hooks to fasten. It’s just all too much. I think I’m going to try and wear them as much as possible in life. Obviously between my rose gold brogues.

So all in all holiday was a huge success. Jokes aside, obviously going on holiday always has its blips when finding accessible routes, dealing with children and families staring (parents, educate – don’t join in) and flying with a powered chair but we did it (Thanks Mum x) and I can’t wait to go again soon!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and I’d love to know what your highlights have been if you’ve been on holiday!


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