How I’m Tackling January

Power saving mode on Gem Turner
Posted by Gem Turner

Last night my chair suddenly (probably not suddenly but it’s lockdown and who’s actually charging their chair for adventures) became low battery with one flashing light.

I was just getting ready for bed, my chair was slowing down and the panic set. I put the speed down and tried to do as much as I could of my bedtime routine. After crawling (my chair, not me) it was obvious I wasn’t going to make it. So off I popped to my charger and sat there for half an hour whilst it charged.

As I was sitting there I was thinking about how this is a good metaphor for how I’m feeling at the moment. Usually January is harder for me anyway (as I know it is for a so many of us). But this year it’s a lot, it’s cold, we’re in our third lockdown, and the world is heavy. My battery is low. Mentally I’m ok (as ok as you can be in a pandemic and the world politically upside down). But all of these elements mean my energy is quickly zapped.

So I’m tackling January like my low battery chair, slowing the pace – shifting my routine and blitz charging when needed. Now I’ve thought about it that way, I feel less guilty and actually – it kind of makes sense…

So I thought I’d share that for anyone else who needed it, if you’re feeling similar – get your power saving mode: ON.

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