“I’nt it lovely they make cars for people like you”

I wrote this on my instagram today and wanted to share it here too as short thought piece.

My reaction to this title is…

Gem Turner face zoomed in

To image describe, this is a zoomed in image of my face not looking best pleased.

Intention vs how it actually feels is probably one of my most talked about things.

I’m sharing this as I’ve been getting this a lot with sharing my car journey. It’s a weird one. Because yes driving is amazing but building a car so that someone can drive it isn’t extraordinary, it’s just different but has exactly the same results.

Someone (non disabled) could rock up in my car tomorrow and with a couple of goes, probably drive my car. It’s not out of this world, it’s just adapted. But adapting something from the “norm” is seen as a good deed or worse, gives people a nice warm fuzzy feeling. The world constantly sees things as a “standard” way but what if we just got on board with making things accessible and it not being that extraordinary? I for one would be up for that ⭐️

Just because you mean well, doesn't mean it's a nice thing to say

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