Keep smiling, look fo’t silver lining

When opening social media at the moment I hold my breath and prepare for the next ‘breaking news’ of 2016. What a year, I’m not going to go into my thoughts on the world, deaths and politics right now because it’s a bit grim isn’t it.

Instead I thought I’d write a blog post of my personal highlights of 2016. Because it’s easy to forget the little things in life when you’re scrolling through an overwhelming amount of opinions and latest news…


From the pre pre planning and booking to the awkward situations you deal with and not being listened used to properly stress me out when travelling. But this year I’ve ordered regular taxis, gone up and down train ramps and even flown on a plane. I’ve challenged myself and it’s paid off. It turns out that practice does really make perfect – or doable anyway. Here’s me loving life after riding my first London bus!


It sounds daft but contactless payment has completely improved my life! The amount of times I’ve got to a till, looked up and thought ‘am I going to be able to reach and type my pin?’. Having a way to easily pay for something and having control has been incredible. So shout out to the person who invented that, cheers.


This year I’ve had the opportunity to get dressed up for a few formal events. So, after much scrolling and deciding – here’s my top three dresses of 2016:

The best thing about being small is you can buy a smart top and make it look like a dress, and you can 80% guarantee no one else will be wearing the same one. (80% is random btw no science involved) The first burgundy dress is a great example. I think I got this from Debenhams in a sale for £18 paired with my classic River Island leopard print shoes of course.

The second is my trusty green playsuit that I accidentally put on wrong and turned it into a dress. I added the scarf in from River Island. This is my go to dressy-uppy occassion dress that I will certainly be taking into 2017.

Finally my coral floaty summer dress is from Oasis. Another go to shop for formal occasions. It’s really thin material and very stretchy so easy to get on and perfect if it’s warm weather (note: this pic was taken on holiday).  The flower colour is really bright and if you can’t tell already my fave colour at the moment – coral.

Disability Positivity

I don’t mean I’ve finally found myself – I’m positive I’m disabled. What I mean is I feel like disability has been a big part of my year. From the Maltesers adverts on Channel 4 with disabled actors to seeing the Francesca Martinez live. I really hope 2017 brings us even more mainstream content with disabled people in. I’ve also been working with the brilliant Enhance the UK and I’m super excited to do disability training with them next year!


Sparkly Shoes

It’s got to be mentioned. This year I feel like shoes have stepped up their game, no pun intended. The good thing about having kids shoes they are cheaper and therefore you feel better about getting two pairs at a time. I’ve got a lot this year but these are my top three:

Obvs the rose golds are number one. I think they were my first pair of shoes that I felt like were in trend. Then these black sparkly shoes were my favourite everyday shoes. Every time I wear them I leave a bit of sparkle – literally on the floor in a pile oops. Then these pink River Island shoes are wonderfully bright and metallic. I love that they point a little making them feel a little more mature.

That’s a wrap for 2016!

I hope this post wasn’t too self indulgent. I would recommend trying to think of a few good things in 2016 of your own highlights no matter how big or small.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog this year, it’s sparked great conversations with friends and I really appreciate the kind words you all have about it.Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read my blog.

Cheers to another new year and adding to the shoe collection – see you in 2017!