Let’s ava catch up!

Eeh dear it’s been a while ant it! I thought I’d do a little catch up post of what I’ve been up to and my favourite things of February.

First of all I’m just getting over a DOUBLE whammy illness and broken rib so that’s been fun. Have you ever tried to cough with a chest infection whilst having a cracked rib? Yeah I wouldn’t recommend it.


So drum roll – I’ve dyed my hair purple!

I’ve been wanting a change for a while and I thought I would try the new L’Oreal Colorista in Purple – and I LOVE it. It’s semi permanent and comes out really bold. I’ve now tamed it by mixed it with purple shampoo and it’s a lovely silvery lilac. Just the change I’ve been wanting! I would totally recommend to anyone wanting a change. Side note though – the brighter bleached your hair is, the better the colour takes.

* woah soz for the boob angle’d pic *



I’ve also bought a few key staple outfit changers this month which I’ve been enjoying. First of all this long gold chain from H&M. The thing with me is I’ve got such a short and invisible neck. I can’t be doing with short necklaces as they just get lost in the realms of my double chin. But when I saw this chain I thought it would cleverly distract the eye and possibly be a bit slimming!? Anyway I love it.

Also props to Mamma Turner this month she’s made me an incredible denim skirt. You know I love my stretchy skirts right now. And I had a wonderful moment last month when I realised my Boohoo denim shirt was an EXACT fabric match so whack them together and BOOM it looks like a summer denim dress. That will be fabulous when spring is it’s prime.


As you know I don’t like to layer up, but for Christmas I got this glorious scarf and I absolutely love it. It’s from River Island and of course from the Kids section which means it’s a perfect length.Long enough to keep me warm but short enough not to get trapped in mi wheels. It’s really cosy and I think adds to any outfit. I can’t find the exact link but there’s a similar one in the ‘boys’ section which I’d totally wear too.


I’m really enjoying my blogs at the moment but sometimes it’s hard to type funny moments that happen in my life with that extra sass so I’ve set up a YouTube channel! I’m in no way aiming to be the next Zoella but I’m really enjoying documenting little snippets of my life and thoughts. Here’s a list of links to my videos so far…

Classic Lines People Say | Gem Turner | Disability Diary
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Sitting in Wheelchairs – Things You Don’t Think About | Gem Turner | Disability Diary

I’ve definitely got more videos planned so subscribe if you want to see my videos in your subscription list!


Anyway I’ll leave that there for now but theres a little look into what I’ve been enjoying last month. Right back to mi brew!



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