A Review of Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones [Gifted]

When you test a new pair of headphones, speakers or any sound device what song do you pick? I choose anything that is by Queen. Ah the harmonies. Now – warning I’m going to be upfront and admit I was very kindly sent Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones from Sennheiser to review so massive thanks to them. If you’re in a rush and haven’t got time to scroll… these headphones are an absolute dream. However, usually if I’m buying a new piece of technology, I do a lot of research. I think about things like, could I hold them? Is it heavy? Is it easy to use? Are they comfortable? So if you like to know these things too, this review is right up your street…

image of gem in the garden smiling with headphones on

Set up
One of the best parts about these headphones is that all you have to do to turn them on is twist the right headphone (is that the right phrase? – I’ve just googled it, it’s earcup apparently) it also has a very satisfying clicking sound so you know when it’s on. With someone who hasn’t got the greatest strength, I am able to do this movement – even on my achey days. I have to admit it took me a while to work everything out as there are so many features and not many buttons to press. When you first turn them on, it is automatically on ‘Pairing Mode’ which means they will be discoverable to any device you would like to pair with. Top tip – I would pair them with the device you will probably be using them most on. Probably your phone is the best bet so you can download the app (CapTune) with it. Another top tip – read the instructions and don’t be cocky like me and just try and improv, it has useful illustrated instructions which I (eventually) found really helpful.

close up of headphone

Now, admittedly I did worry about the size of these headphones. Would I look like the old character on TV, crazy frog? (Am I showing my age here?). However, I don’t feel like they look massive on me and I can’t really tell they’re on to be honest. I still have plenty of room to move my shoulders. My favourite thing about the feel of these headphones is that they have a cushioned band. This means that when I’m leaning back in my chair or in bed you don’t get a sore head or a massive dint in. yay. They are surprisingly lightweight and can fold into a compact oval to fit in your bag or the case it comes with.

image of headphones and phone together


Touch control – Listening to music for me has been something I have done since I was young. In the good old days we didn’t even have remotes for our hi-fi system so once the CD was in and my parents pressed play that was it. So the fact that now I can literally just use the touch controls on the right earcup (whey) is pretty great. You can just touch it once and it pauses/plays which is really handy if there are people around and you need to hear people speak.

Adaptive noise cancelling – Now when I received these I read that a main feature was the NoiseGard™ Hybrid adaptive noise cancelling technology. Now I didn’t have a bloody clue what that meant.

That was until I got on a train. I’ve been using these three noise-cancelling profiles (controlled by a slider button on the right earcup) in different places to test the noise cancelling – in the office, at home, in town and on a train.

Wow, on the train I got what the adaptive noise cancelling was. It was really busy with screaming children so naturally I thought this was the perfect test. I put the headphones on and BOOM. It actually freaked me out for a second as not only could I not hear the children, I couldn’t hear the train moving on the tracks either. Am I even on a train!? (Don’t worry I was). Since then I’ve learnt that the headphones actually take in the noise in your environment and adapt the levels depending on how much noise is around you. Brilliant.

Phone Calls – When I’m calling people I usually have to stop still somewhere as I need to hold the phone and that’s difficult when you’re driving (my chair – not a car!!) and concentrating. However, these headphones make it really easy to still talk, do what you need to be doing and have your hands free! The battery life of up to 30 hours means I can non-stop talk on the way home after using them all day at work which has been brilliant. There is also a AUX cable just in case I do run out of battery.

image of gem with headphones and looking at phone

So over all as you can probably tell – I feel super lucky to have these and have loved testing them over the last month. If I am honest, the only improvements that I can think of is that it is a shame this is the only design colour wise that is available. As someone who loves bold colours I would love to see other options. However I can tell that the impressive technology is the focus of these headphones. Secondly these are obviously luxury headphones, are a steep price and would be a serious investment. They have however genuinely changed how I use my technology and make various aspects of my day easier such as calling, and easily moving while listening to music without wires getting in the way.

image of gem in wheelchair smiling with headphones on

I hope you found this helpful if you’re trying to find the perfect headphones or you’re just having a nosey! And remember – don’t forget to tell me what your favourite technology test song is using my contact page!