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Hello! I’m very excited to share this blog post this week, as it’s full of my latest fashion choices ready for autumn. I’m not going to bang on about how I don’t like autumn, because I feel like bloggers are buzzing this time of year and I’m the only one that doesn’t. Anyone with me? I struggle getting items that are warm, have a bit of an arm but don’t look I’m wearing a duvet. However I’ve found a few items for this season so I’m going to roll right into it!

First of all let’s start off with the little things in life. I LOVE this new Oliver Bonas card holder. As I like to collect my receipts I thought this would be a perfect addition. Oh and the best bit? It was in the sale – £12.00! Lovely.

Hair band GT BLOG
Next is this headband. Wearing headbands are controversial I know. It’s got to fit and you’ve got to own it. If you’re conscious you can see it. So I love this one from Boohoo.com. It’s simple but really jazz’s (is that spelt right?) an outfit. The flowers also make it somewhat Autumnal, or I like to think so… This was only £2.00 and I love it!

I should also mention this AMAZING dress. It’s from Boohoo.com and it fits like a dream. Well actually – it is a bit baggy on the shoulders but I think I can get away with it. I love the cross over at the front, and as you can see from the image above, it’s also got embroidery of flowers all the way down the arm. The arm length is just about 3/4 on me, which is rare to find!
Grey dress GT BLOGNow I love a good scarf, I just feel like for little people this is a perfect way to wrap up but still be able to move about. The top image is a scarf from Boohoo.com and this is an adults size. I found this to be easier to wrap around compared to the one below. Side Scarf GT BLOG
This scarf is from Zara – the kids section. I do love it as it’s a wider cut so you can wrap it around your back and shoulers. However I do think I would benefit from it being a little bigger as I’m constantly adjusting this one – evidence in the photo above! shoes
Are you ready for the most glorious shoes!? Yes, me too – here they are. I got these first pair for a wedding coming up. They’re very sophisticated and I think I can wear them in a number of situations. The added frill gives it that extra glam! These are from Zara and were £17.99. Let’s just all ignore the tiny bit of toe squish, sometimes it’s got to be done right?Nude Shoe GT BLOG

Now these, I adore, but not everyone does… I know they are a bit different – but so am I…
These are also from Zara and were a little more on the pricer side at £25.99. However they are sooo comfy and feel so warm. I really think it’s going to help when I have my really cold achey days. You can also get these in a Tan colour too which I’ve got my eye on. The only negative thing about them I would say is that label says ‘Zara Girls’ which isn’t great, but the comfiness makes up for it.
Fur Boots GT BLOG
And finally these beauties (minus the bruise)! These have fur inside so again – super cosy. They have a casual way about them so fit really easily. I tend to find the wider but shorter the boot the better for me as I have chunky feet. Again they’re out there but I’ve realised that’s how I like to be. They’re from Zara at a hefty £49.99. Although they’re expensive I really do think I’ll get my wear out of them for the next few months into spring next year. I’m still working out what they would go with, if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them! Boots GT BLOG

I hope you enjoyed my Autumn haul if you’ve seen any good items, especially little shoes and accessories I would LOVE for you to let me know.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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