Looks, Layers and too many Leaves

Before we start, let’s just establish – I’m Northern. So I’m still not wearing a winter coat and I probably won’t even start wearing a scarf until December. I’m not ridiculous though, I know it’s starting to get cold now so I thought I’d tell you what usually starts to happen at this time of year…

Pity Looks

I mean, seeing a 2 foot 11 woman just going about her business in a wheelchair attracts a standard amount of attention. If you add a rained on non brolly holding (with glasses) this just adds a whole other level. I feel like everyone just looks at my bare arms and shivers. I genuinely am very rarely cold. Once a stranger actually offered to help me with my (non existing) coat. After thanking her and politely saying I don’t have one, she walked off tutting looking absolutely horrified.


When I am actually cold, getting cropped winter coats can be difficult. One way I get around this is by layering. At the moment cropped hoodies are actually in which is great news for people like me! This is one from ASOS that I’m in love with and fits me perfectly. So for all your small armed adults, grab it while you can!


The leaves may look lovely and autumnal and be a perfect instagram but imagine getting jammed by a pile of them in y’wheels daily. Yep. It’s that time of year where I have to master the ‘oh shucks what am I like, can you please help me look’ when inside I’m absolutely fuming and definitely not getting my camera out for an instagram

So that’s just a short rant about what’s happening in my life right now. If anyone has any short coat advice – let me know. I’ll wear it for the lols and join everyone in the winter look. For now I leave you with what my look features in these autumn days…

First pic – with my trusty raincoat (one of my essentials, cc my last blog) My arms are just about covered in the last two outfits – look at me go!


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