Make Up f’beginners | Top Base Products and Tips

Ok, so apart from banging on about disability (which I’m not playing down I obvs love it). I also dabble in testing out make up and learning how to use it. It makes me feel good and is part of my daily routine that is one of my favourites.

One thing when I’m out is a lot of people say “ooh I can’t do make up me” or “I don’t know where to start”. So I thought I’d write a blog about some of my trusty products that I use every day and whack some tips in there too specially talking about base (face) products. Disclaimer I am not an expert, I repeat – I am not an expert. I am basing this on my own judgement and compliments from the general public.

Gem Turner Selfie
My latest make up look!

So here goes…

1. It’s all about the prep

I know this is super annoying to hear and we don’t want to hear it but I’m going to say it. It is all about what you do before you put your make up on. If not we may experience such results as “sliding”, “scaling” or even “gloopy” make up. Now that is not what we want. Last year I did a whole blog on skin care, but for today I’m going to talk about my two top finds for 2018.

Forgive the weird name, but this stuff has been a dream this year. It’s not the most luxurious product but it gets the job done. One of my skin issues is having a scaly nose. When this happens my foundations looks like a snake and we don’t need that in our lives. When I use this, it makes sure my nose is smooth and raring to go.

Rimmel Fix and Perfect

Primer – do we need it? Is it worth it? If I’m honest I’m still not sure. But when I put this on it does seem to make my make up stay on for longer. I don’t know the science but google may know. This rimmel one is cheap and cheerful and all the experts even rave about it. So if you’re looking for a primer, give this one a go.

As well as your skin, your lips need prepping too. Now, I’m somewhat a collector of lip balm and have too many to mention them all. However I thought I’d show you my top three for the moment

Now, I would use any of the above (description from left to right: Palmers Lip butter, Blistex intensive Moisturiser and Carmex Vanilla) before I applied any make up on. However, if my lips are really chapped, especially in these winter months, I definitely go for the Blistex and apply morning and night. Although it seems a #pain, you should see results overnight.

2. The right concealer for you

Have you delved into the world of concealer? It’s a funny one. There are SO many brands and prices. For me, it’s all about the consistency and how my skin is that day. When my skin is good and not scaly I LOVE the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer. I reviewed it last year and mentioned that it was a tricky container. I managed to find a solution to this by using a brush that hasn’t got very bendy bristles. I mainly use this to cover what the experts call “imperfections” but basically they mean any throbbing zits that need calming down

I’m using my past photo because why not ey

If this consistency is too intense and feels like you’re applying tipex sort of product (remember those days!?) then a thinner consistency may be for you. I’ve also been enjoying the Revolution Conceal and Define concealer. It’s definitely “full coverage” as they say in the Make Up world but a little goes a long way. But, definitely do you research if you’re buying concealer and get advice. Is it to brighten, cover, highlight? So many options…

Flat lay of Nars and Revolution Concealer

3. Seal the Deal

I had to google that to make sure I wasn’t referencing a seal as in a mammal then. Anyway, this is probably one of my favourites of this post. When you do your foundation, it’s always good to make sure it’s fixed in place. I had this incorrect thought that powder just make me even scalier, but turns out (again) it was my skin care before that. As I am always warm too my face can look… well I won’t beat around the bush – sweaty. It also leaves a certain finish to your make up that looks smooth and set…

So this Nip and Fab powder in particular has worked wonders for me. It is especially good when I’m working all day and don’t have time to really touch up my make up. I like this one in particular because it already has a fluffy applicator and a little mirror. Perfect.

Nip and Fab Powder

When I started this blog, it was going to include all of my top faves but it’s actually turning out to be a long post! So I will leave it here for now. If you enjoyed this please let me know and I could maybe continue with top tips for certain make up areas such as eyeshadow, eyebrows etc.

Thank you for reading this post if you got this far and please let me know if you have any tips for me regarding the base of your make up. Am I missing any go too products? Give me a comment on facebook or give us a tweet!

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