My Top Skincare Products of 2017 | A Beginner’s POV

Posted by Gem Turner
Today I’m not going to give you a deep message about disability but I’m going to talk about skin products. First confession, I’m not an expert but I think it’s good to write blogs from a non expert point of view. Have you ever been to a shop and the assistant is throwing words at you like ‘hydration’ and ‘oxidants’ and you just nod because you’ve no idea what’s going on? That’s why I like reading blogs because it gives an honest view of what products are like.
Second confession, I have no idea what my ‘skin type is’. When they ask me at the counter I say combination purely because I have no idea and I’m hoping it means there’s more chance I’ll get a product that will have at least one part that will help my skin…
So I’ve tried and tested a lot of products this year so I thought I’d tell you my faves. There’s a mix of high street and kind of luxury prices just to mix it up a bit
Here we go…
Removing make up
Depending on how I’m feeling determines my skin ‘routine’ on a night. Aka whether I actually bother. So if I’m aching and just want to roll into bed my minimum is using the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water. It’s actually amazing. It probably takes two big cotton pads to take my make up off but I love it. And it also feels like I’ve actually washed my face. It’s also really handy when I can’t get to a sink when I’m travelling.


If I’m feeling even better I will use the blue Garnier 2 in 1 make up remover. This has a really smooth oil which really sinks into my skin over night. When I wake up I feel extra sparkly and you can really tell when I’ve put it on. Thanks to my friend Charben who bought me this gem!
I think this is my most priciest product but Omg it’s amazing. My mum bought be it for Christmas last year and it’s a keeper and it’s lasted this long with regular use! It’s the microdelivery resurfacing peel. It sounds scarier than it is. It’s basically a really strong exfoliate. It also makes you feel like a scientist because you have to mix them together. I have a lot of congestion on my nose which means all my life foundation has never settled properly, until this product came along. It swipes any excess skin and leaves me feeling brand new. It’s not to be used everyday though so I would say no more than twice a week. I also think it smells like starburst. Winner.


Face Mask
I love a face mask and have tried many. I love when they dry on your face and guarentee someone will make you laugh and it cracks. After trying many Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask has to come out on top. Because I have a lot of poures, especially on my nose – this gets rid of them. It also de-oils my forehead which is also great.


Night cream

I’ve never really liked night cream. I always thought that the congestion I had around my nose meant night cream was a no no. But once I figured out the peel I realised my face needed a cream after and Nivea Regenerating Night Cream was the perfect fit. It’s cheap smells fresh and isn’t tacky, which I can’t be doing with. Again, a whole tub has lasted me a year so far and were still going strong
I also have really bad skin on my arms. They are dry and always red. In the summer it looks like I’m sunburnt and the winter it looks like eczema. Liz Earle Superbalm is amazing. I’ve got to admit it’s not the best smell. It feels a bit like vasaline but when i put it on, the next day the redness has gone and they’re silky smooth


Day Cream
Now another confession, I’m not really one for moisturising, I know I know it’s bad. However I was gifted this Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream in another purchase and it is wonderful. So fresh and rubs in properly as I like to call it and doesn’t feel tacky – because I can’t be doing with that. This one is small too so can easily put in my travel bag if I’m going away for the night.


And finally lips…
Now I am not joking I have 14 different lip balms in my draw. I think it’s my quest to find the perfect lip balm. After a hard think, these two have come out on top for me. Firstly Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Butter for every day. This is super smooth and is great for a first layer before lipstick. If my lips are especially cracked/sore I go for again, the Nivea Lip Butter. This is so soft and feels like a cream rather than anything sticky. It also smells lovely and floral.


So there we have it! Those are my top skincare products that I’ve enjoyed this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, even if it’s just to snoop what I use. I love to know what products people use. Are there any you have particularly enjoyed? Let me know!

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