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I absolutely love make up, and recently I’ve really tried to step up my game with it. In particular my eye make up. I thought this week I’d talk about my recent purchases, what I think and whether I’d buy them again. So here we go…

Urban Decay Duo – Big Bang

UD lip pencil.jpg
Urban Decay Lipstick stood up.jpg

This is as sparkly as it looks in the photo. One issue I have with lip make up is lip liner. This is because one – I’m not used to having striking lips and I find it quite a bold move for me so liner scares me. Another issue is that I never know which liner you should pair with your lipstick. So this duo is a dream. It’s so pigmented and you can actually feel the sparkles glide on when you apply it. The lipstick is creamy to apply and doesn’t stain your lips for hours which I really like. So all in all a great buy and I’ve got a feeling I’ll be wearing this a lot on nights out.

Maybelline Burgundy Bar Palette
And what a palette this is.

Burgundy Palette.jpg

Now, I’m no eye shadow expert. In fact, I’m pretty terrible at doing eyeshadow but this year I’m trying to make more of an effort. Basically watching more youtube tutorials. I have a very basic understanding but what I do know is that I prefer shimmer shadows to matte. This Burgundy bar is an absolute dream. Out of all of the shadows I’ve got, I’ve found this to be really complementary to my skin and really blendable (ooh look at me thinking I can say the right words). I especially love the top left colour on the inside of my eyes. The only downside is that as these are so delicate they break easily. As you can see the third shadow is already popping out, and at the time of typing this – the third shadow is totally smashed and that’s with limited movement of the palette. However I’m enjoying it so much that I’m prepared to ignore that and even considering to buy another one if more break. Compared to other expensive palettes this is so affordable and really high quality. Maybe it IS maybelline?

Benefit BAD gal BANG Mascara

Benefit Bad Gal.jpg
If you read a few beauty blogs you’ve probably heard about this new product from Benefit. Benefit went HARD on the PR and advertising so I was pulled in straight away and ordered a travel size to see what the fuss was. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m just not impressed. Although the design is eyecatching that’s only the good thing about it in my opinion. I find the brush unusually bendy meaning more chance of accidental smudging. The actual mascara is very liquidy, and I find it (finely) groups my eyelashes rather than separating them, maybe it just needs some wear and time? I’m not sure but I know I won’t be purchasing this and I’ll be sticking with my Benefit Rollerlash Mascara for sure.

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Nars concealer.jpg

I’ve used Nars Sheer Glow foundation for over a year now, and it’s still my favourite foundation. So I’m not sure why it’s taken me a full year to try this, but I’m so glad I did. It’s got great coverage and is really creamy. But I do have a few niggles with this pot. The design isn’t the best in my opinion – the lid is the kind of material that leaves your fingerprints really easily. I can also imagine when I’ve used some, it’s going to be tricky getting it without your nails getting concealer in them. BUT I don’t think this has put me off, it’s just something I would consider if you’re thinking about getting it. Maybe I need to use a brush? Let me know if you do…

The finished look using all of the products above…
Yes, I’m pouting but who wouldn’t when your lips sparkle like that.

face of make up.jpg

Thanks for reading if you got to the end! Have you got any of these products? Let me know if you agree/disagree with me and if I need to invest in any other products!

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