Oh May Oh My

So from my blog and Twitter, it kind of looks like I had my birthday and disappeared. I did online but so much has happened since then so I thought I’d write my updates and thoughts for you on here. Here goes…

Enhance the UK and Liability Magazine

So I had my birthday which was GREAT. Then I had a wonderful few days in Manchester and London for disability training and an away couple of days with the Enhance the UK team. It was so great to spend time with the team altogether as we usually train in pairs. We have some really exciting projects coming up especially with the magazine I am involved in, Liability Magazine, be sure to check them out and follow the updates! I also got to experience London in morning and evening rush hour. WOW if I thought Leeds was busy try the train from London to Cambridge at 5pm. hashtag chaos.



I then was successful in a part time job interview, which I’m super duper happy about as it’s right up my street. However, this also means that I have to prioritise my life a little. I have decided that I am going to stop trying to make a video every week. It’s unrealistic and I want to make good content that’s not rushed and has a meaning. I will still blog though as it’s so much easier to keep up with. If something funny happens that I need to tell you in a video I of course will then update!



Then to round April off to a cracking (literally) end I managed to break my rib. As breaking bones is my speciality this wasn’t a surprise and was a small break. This one sucked because I literally was just drifting to sleep and it cracked. It’s always annoying because it scuppers my social plans and I had to just rest it out for a few days. Anyway to cheer myself up I re-dyed my hair purple…

Purple hair Gem


And finally… I went to see Bruno Mars! Of course he was incredible. The talent is just mesmerizing. He can sing, dance, make people laugh and play multiple instruments. Bruno, when you’re ready to move to Yorkshire, I’ll be here…

It was a brilliant couple of days in Manchester, the sun was shining and it felt like a little holiday with just me and mum. We went to Gino’s Italian restaurant which was honestly out of this world. From the food, to the atmosphere to the staff service – it was all luxurious. I would totally go again.

So there we go that’s just a little update from me and my jam packed and cracked couple of weeks!

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