Oh Stop Moaning

The title is aimed at me, don’t panic. Basically. I’ve drafted SIX blog posts in the last week but I just can’t get into the flow. This week has been unusually filled with stereotypical frustrating things that have happened. In a typical week I probably get one or two which are easy to talk about … More Oh Stop Moaning

Sticky Situations

Being disabled means that you often have to rely on technology to be as independent as possible. From a young age I’ve loved the technology I use. My chair is my life and also part of who I am. However, being disabled can also bring some hilarious situations too, albeit not at the time but … More Sticky Situations

Great Expectations

When I go out, people make assumptions all of the time. And that’s ok, we all do. People assume I’m always with someone and I’m never just hanging out on my own. And if I am with someone they assume the person I’m with is my carer when actually they’re my friend I’ve known since … More Great Expectations

Oh May Oh My

So from my blog and Twitter, it kind of looks like I had my birthday and disappeared. I did online but so much has happened since then so I thought I’d write my updates and thoughts for you on here. Here goes… Enhance the UK and Liability Magazine So I had my birthday which was … More Oh May Oh My