Testing The StylPro Make Up Brush Cleaner [Gifted]

StylPro solution

If you’ve been here a while you will probably know I’m all about making life easier. So when StylPro gifted me their Make Up Brush Cleaner, I was so interested to see if it would be a staple piece of tech that I would add to my collection.  Usually when I clean my brushes, I’m […]

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Please Don’t Use My Life, To Make Yours Feel Better

Gem Turner wearing black floral dress and copper trainers

The picture above is me feeling on top form. I’ve got mi new dress on (included in my latest fashion favourites), the tassels make it feel even fancier. I’d curled my hair, contoured my cheeks and even put more than one shade of eyeshadow on. I’d put this picture on instagram obviously and was finally […]

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Fashion Favourites | July 2019

Gem posing in front of mirror with black vest and floral skirt

Here we are again, this is becoming a bit of a tradition isn’t it? In fact I wrote one around this time last year! It’s a short one this time as I just thought I’d share my favourite outfits (with links) of July as I did have a cheeky little spree (or two). Finding clothes […]

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5 Common Reasons People “Don’t Need Disability Training” (And Why You Probably Do)

Working in disability (and being disabled) is a funny one. I feel a bit like a sales person sometimes. Trying to change people’s negative assumptions and show we are actually like, you know – just average people. Not all ‘suffering’ and not all ‘superhuman’. I absolutely love that invisible switch that happens when someone seems […]

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How to make meetings inclusive for wheelchair users

Gem smiling in business outfit

Previously I have posted top tips for wheelchair users about networking. Unless you’re in a familiar setting, meetings can be difficult (at times) for wheelchair users, whether that’s getting there, getting into the building, knowing where to go – never mind the actual meeting. It’s important to make your meeting space as accessible as possible […]

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Explaining Disability to Children

Explaining disability to children, Gem Turner

One of my most read blog posts is one where I talk about parents reacting towards me as a wheelchair user when they’re with their children. This is something that we don’t really talk about because you don’t really prepare for it – then it happens and we all carry on with our day. But […]

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You’re a Disabled Graduate… Now What?

Gem Turner in graduation gown

First of all congratulations, it’s a hard slog and you did it! (if you didn’t that’s absolutely ok too, but I’ll save that topic for another blog post). This time of year can be weird, you can feel lost and not know what to do next. Any graduate (or graduand? I still don’t quite get […]

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Being Independent Doesn’t Have to Mean Being Alone

Image of Gem holding a cup of tea

When I was younger, I couldn’t comprehend the idea of being fully independent. I needed help from my family pretty much 24/7. Personal care/opening doors/getting food/going out. You name it, I needed it. I was a very happy child (most of the time) and this was my normal. When I grew older into my teenage […]

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A Ferry Good Journey | A Wheelchair User’s Experience

See what I did there? Ha I know cringe, sorry. So you probably know already if you follow me on social media, that I recently took a trip to Belfast from Liverpool via Ferry. You may also know that in the past I’ve had really bad travel anxiety. Taxis, trains, buses – you name it, […]

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Fashion Favourites | May 2019

mini leopard print bag

If you don’t know already, I love styling myself. I love to make clothes suit me properly, so therefore sometimes I have to buy things in different styles and sizes to suit my shape and size. So in this post I thought I’d do a small round up of my favourite fashion pieces I’ve been […]

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