Fashion Favourites | May 2019

mini leopard print bag

If you don’t know already, I love styling myself. I love to make clothes suit me properly, so therefore sometimes I have to buy things in different styles and sizes to suit my shape and size. So in this post I thought I’d do a small round up of my favourite fashion pieces I’ve been […]

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Removing Makeup: The Energy Level Edition

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water

Removing makeup, I don’t know about you – but I bloomin’ hate doing it. Applying it, all over it. Infact, it’s one of my favourite things to do. But taking it off, just one of those things you’ve got to do but I could do without. Anyone with me? Now, I’ve talked about skincare before […]

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The Unfortunate Tales of Being “Recognised”

Image of Gem holding a cup of tea

When you are someone with a genetic condition, it’s very common for people to mistake you for someone else. I’ll often go about my business and someone will stop me and say, “hello Megan!” (alternate names available) and I will explain I am in fact not Megan, but don’t worry. The person will then tell […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts When Talking About Disability

The do's and don't when talking about disability

When I talk to people, and they find out that I love to chat all things disability – one of the first things people say is “you just don’t know what to say anymore do you”. And I get it, but I think we all need to be open to learning more and not just […]

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CBD Oil – is it worth the hype?

Image of CBD oil bottle on wooden table

*Disclaimer – this is no way sponsored, this was my own personal test* I first heard about CBD and to be honest, I thought it was illegal as I’d heard it had cannabis in it. Then more people started talking about it, and I saw it in Holland and Barrett and thought, it can’t be […]

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The Art of Not Being Subtle (at all)

Gem Turner wearing purple floral dress holding blue china mug and plate

Last week I was in a shopping centre with no makeup on – feeling a bit conscious, and if I’m honest – a bit hungover. Birthday week and all that. I was about to head to another birthday party and was definitely not looking my best. I wanted to put my make up on, but […]

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Google Home: What can it actually do?

Image of white cupboard with a green plant and google home

The opportunities we have with technology now and what is available to do at the touch of a screen is amazing. But it’s recently stepped up a gear, now we can just use our voice… baffling. So I thought I’d use this post to talk about the top things Google Home and Mini actually do […]

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Building Confidence as a Young Disabled Woman

Image of gem in garden holding hair and wearing leopard print jacket

At the time of publishing this, it’s Rare Disease Day. This is a chance to talk about not just the rare conditions we have, but also aspects of our lives with having these conditions. In the past I talked about accessing treatment for common illnesses. This year I want to talk about confidence. When you’re […]

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“Is there not a job for you closer to home?”

Commuting to work. Something that a lot of people grumble about. Trains delayed weather cold and not enough time in the morning. For me, I book my taxi either the night before or in the morning. I’m grateful that it gets me there from door to door. It takes about 40-60 minutes each way depending […]

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Are we ready to live in a “cashless” society?

Funny question isn’t it? I think most of us reading this would say “yes, I haven’t used cash in ages!” Or “contactless is just so easy now!”. Recently I worked with Which? Who asked me this very question and I realised I don’t think we’re quite ready to be cashless yet… and here’s why… I […]

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