Rose Gold Accessories – Stylish, Environmently Friendly and Accessible? | Chilly’s Bottles and Ted Baker

There’s so much gloriousness this week I don’t know where to start… I will say is if you’re a fan of Rose Gold like me then keep reading or scrolling!

Now, I’ve recently got a few accessories that I’d like to show you. Not only do I like them for the style but they have accessible features as well as being reusable. There’s been a lot of chat recently about wasted packaging around food and drink. Whilst I agree that we all need to up our game with reducing plastic, it’s worrying that people just assume it’s because of laziness and we buy pre-prepared things that we could really do ourselves.

I have to really think about whatever I buy, looking at if I can hold it, use it, open it. Some people rely on food and drink that is easily (or easier) unwrapped, laziness is nothing to do with it. Now, I’m not an expert on this subject but a great campaigner and all round fab blogger is Shona Louise who has talked a lot about this online and in the media, so if you’d like to read up on it, go check her blog out!

But for now I thought I’d show you what I’ve been loving accessories wise!

GT Bag and Bottle

Ted Baker Bag
This bag is absolutely beautiful. Can you believe, my dad chose this on his own as a gift? I know, I am shook. Thanks dad. It hooks onto my chair perfectly and fits a lot inside. It’s lightweight and easily to wipe any marks off. I use it as a sort of everyday and shopping bag and has now become a staple part of my everyday look. As I mentioned in my last blog, I do always buzz at the shops when I say I brought my own bag. Anyway – back to this one, I just love how it shimmers and catches the light as I’m driving and it gets lots of compliments *flicks hair*.

GT bottle on chairGT BottleCloseUp

Rose Gold Chilly’s Bottle
Now I’m going to put it out there, I use way too much plastic. Mainly because on a good day, I can just about manage to open a flip top bottle. I always end up throwing them away or loosing them between the gaps of my chair – so when Chilly’s sent me these bottles to try I was absolutely buzzing. First of all this Rosegold 260ml bottle is adorable. It’s just the right size for me and the it keeps warm drinks warm for 12 hours! Now the best bit about this bottle is that it comes with a carabiner (for anyone like me who didn’t know what this is it’s basically a metal clip) and it fits beautifully on my chair. No more loosing bottles for me – wehey!

*side note* I lost my last water bottle last week as I was reversing out of a lift, before I could catch it – it was heading down to the basement – brilliant.

GT both bottles.jpg

Rose Gold Tumbler and Straw
I love this tumbler because although it is quite big for me, it also has a metal straw. This is ideal especially for when I have a broken arm and it’s harder to hold things. There’s been a lot of talk about banning straws in public places, which again is great for the environment but worrying for people who rely on them. Obviously the ideal is that we come up with an environmental solution, but for now, I love using this. **update** As it’s metal however, it’s not great for hot drinks so we definitely need a better solution for the future of accessible straws!

If anything is going to make me drink more water – this is…

GT ChillysBottlesFlatlay

And there we have it, just look at that – so aesthetically pleasing… ah.

Let me know if you have any accessories that’s handy and accessible, I’d love to know! Massive thank you to Chilly’s Bottles for sending me these beautiful goodies!

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