Talks | Training | Consultancy | Creating Disability Content

How it works: For the below work, I charge either a day rate or half day rate. For appearing in or creating content, charges may vary. If you would like more information on my rates please email Please note, I cannot offer these services below on a voluntary basis.


I present in events and panels. The types of topics I cover are:

  • Disability
  • Accessibility
  • Navigating Barriers as a disabled person
  • Inclusive practices
  • Education (school, further and higher)
  • Leadership (as a disabled woman)

If you are interested in any of those topics and would like me to host/attend your event, please email me with further details.

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Over the years I have built an award winning blog whilst working in the charity and education sector. I have years of experience not only working in the field of disability, but experiencing barriers first hand. I have therefore created and lead a bespoke list of training sessions.

Would you like your team or organisation to learn more about disability? I cover a number of topics such as:

  • ‘What is disability?’,
  • ‘An introduction to the social model’
  • ‘Correct language to use’
  • ‘How to be the best ally’

For a full list of my training package(s), please contact me for more information.

Gem Turner speaking at a table with a mic
Image by Joshua Tucker/Rare Disease UK


Do you have something in mind that you think you need to improve on around diversity/disability in your team or organisation? This could be wanting more disabled staff and/or volunteers or making sure your organisation is as inclusive as possible for disabled people. If you this is something you are interested in, please contact me and provide details of what you have in mind.

Guest Blogs

I do also write blogs for other platforms. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating on blog posts.

Sponsorship and PR

If you would like to get in contact to sponsor any content please give me an email. I will always clearly state when a post is sponsored.

I am PR friendly but please be aware would give my honest opinion on any product sent to me.

Interviews/Student Projects

Due to the volume of requests I receive on a weekly basis, I cannot always accept to take part in student projects and voluntary interviews. Please request these via email.