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So, if you’re like me and in the sat-down-all (a lot of the) -day club, clothes can look completely different from the model online – and that’s okay. It’s all about knowing what’s good for you and once you’ve got your style just roll with it *cheeky*. In this post I’m going to give you the top five hacks I do that makes me feel a little more confident when styling myself.

*please note – this is based on what I like but give one tip a whirl and you never know!

Got a seat belt? Use it!

I used to get so annoyed with my seat belt cramping my style, especially as a teenager. I know health and safety and all that. To be fair it’s saved me once or twice, but that’s for another post. Anyway yes, seat belts actually can make an outfit if you do it in the right way. I tend to put it over my clothes then pull my top or dress out a little. It can really give you shape and finish an outfit off. Here’s an example photo:


Pimp your ride!

I know wheelchairs can mean different things for different people. Some don’t want the chair to be the centre of attention and that’s totally cool. I however really like to make my chair as jazzy as my outfit if it’s a special occasion. It’s a talking point and to be honest I think if I was a chair I wouldn’t mind being spruced up every now and then. In the past I’ve put fabric over my cushion and even added fairy lights.


Pick your part

Weird title but what I mean by this is if you know it’s easier to get a certain piece of clothing than another, focus on that. For example, because I have small limbs getting trousers is a #nightmare. I’m lucky that I have a wonderful Mum that’s talented on the old sewing machine but if I want to pick some off the shelf, no can do. SO not to worry I just buy cropped leggings for everyday wear and focus on my top half. It’s amazing how different you can look by just changing one item you’re wearing and of course your shoes as you know from my last post.

Size literally does NOT matter

Ok so this is probably one for everyone but especially for people that are sat down a lot. Ignore the number in the label. Literally no one else sees it, well apart from the person who helps me reach it and the person at the till. When I was young I would be like “Oh em gee I am so not that size no way” and be super disappointed when the smaller size wouldn’t look right. Turns out my body needs space to move when I’m sat down, I have so many bends and twists in my body that buying a bigger size is so much better for me. As I got older I realised it’s no one else’s business what size I am. Why should I care what they think – because society tells us to *ooh deep*. So when you’re next shopping, try the next size up, it may just fall over you that little bit better.

I’ll let you into a secret… One of my best dresses I ever got was a maternity dress two years ago from Topshop and I LOVE it here it is:

summer ball


In the words of Rihanna work work work work work. When you’ve got that great outfit on, you just know it. Take that compliment, put it in your brain and don’t let it chuffin’ go.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and if you have any, I would love to know!


6 thoughts on “Sitting in Style

  1. Klara

    CUTE striped dress!! That shot is really to die for!

  2. shortsparkle

    Thank you! I really do love it ⭐️

  3. Laura May

    Good read.
    Like any girl, we have fat days and weeks…at the moment i’m having a MAJOR fat week and i know if i could walk i’d fit into a size 8 easy, but this week my stomach is rolling over a size 12 because of how i sit. I also have scoliosis and again, even after 11 years, it’s difficult to accept that to not look morbidly obese, you need a different size clothes for different items and body parts.

    Interesting about “pimping wheelchairs”, as i’m a manual wheelchair user and “accessorising” my chair would be a hindrance for my everyday use and i see my chair as part of me, but not part of me i need to clothe. So i’d recommend that if you’re an active manual chair user, or at least an aspiring manual chair user, adding anything that dangles other than a bag can be quite a hindrance and adds extra weight. I have a friend who’s mainly a powered chair user but sometimes uses her manual if her powered one is playing up and i cringe at how much weight she has with all of her extra coats and clothing hanging off the back…not a good idea for a manual chair! I think it’s definitely different for powered chairs, however.

    One personal tip i have is shorts and tights. I have long, thin legs and want to show them off but i’m paralysed so I get cold easily. I always get told it looks great and might work for a few other people!

    1. shortsparkle

      This is so good to hear thank you. I never thought to be honest about the logistics of a manual wheelchair. I can imagine it’s very different! Shorts and tights is such a good shout too! Sometimes I struggle with tights but if I’m having a good day I may give that a go! X

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