Small arms, great barn(et)

One thing I love, if you can’t tell already is taking time on my appearance and my hair is no different. However, having short arms can make make this a difficult and sometimes infuriating task. It’s taken a lot of years to practise and a lot of patience to master styling my hair. In this blog I’m talking about my tricks to styling my hair when I can’t all of reach it.



First of all I think about the prep. If I don’t prep my hair properly, woe betide – there’s knots everywhere and that takes even more muscle energy to get out. So after I’ve washed my hair I always add some oil when it’s towel dry. The particular one I use is Elvive’s Extraordinary Oil, it makes my hair super smooth and the size means it’s easier to pump.

Use mi’tools

Obvious tip, the bigger the brush the better reach.

Now, there is no way I can drop my head forward and swing my hair in front of me when drying my hair, unless I want a broken neck (which, fyi I don’t). So, if I want to try and add volume to my hair I use a round brush and twist and dry from my roots. I also use a comb to grab any stray bits I can’t reach.

Sometimes there are days where straightening my hair is too much of a faff. If I do make the effort it’s all about the bringing my hair forward and making sure I straighten from the roots.

If I can’t do that, using a curling wand is a great plan B. It means you can start the curl from wherever you can reach and the curls last for hours. I’ve had my good ole Babyliss curling wand for years now.


A lot of my hair styles focus on the front of my hair – you guessed it, it’s the only place I can reach properly *cue violins*.
My ideal fave style is two loose french plaits. Alas, if I tried to do that I would probably dislocate my shoulders. So, to improvise I like to side part my hair and do a half plait on my good side I can reach. Here’s a blurry cropped example:


If that’s too complicated another trick is to twist bits of your hair and slowly bringing more pieces in as you twist.


As you know from my previous blog I’m all for a good accessorise. If all else fails and you can’t be bothered to take time with style or it doesn’t work out, a head band and hoops are perfect. I got these hoops and flower headnband from New Look.

So there’s a few ways I like to sort my hair out. Oh and if all else fails I flutter my eyelashes and ask someone else to help with my hair… 😀

If you have any easy hair recommendation styles (preferably focussing on the front) let me know!