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One thing about me, I LOVE technology. Maybe because I rely on electric to get me from A to B? I don’t know, but I really think this era in life is going to stand out as when technology really stepped up its game. I’ve invested in a lot of technology in the past, and I am that person who helps my family and friends pick their next electro investments. So I thought why not put this in my blog too?

This will be part of a regular series where I talk about my latest purchases with honest opinions. Technology is slowly becoming not just something I enjoy, but something that is helping me in my day to day life. But for now I’ll ease us in with three gadgets I’ve been loving this January…

Phone Stand Holder
So technically, this isn’t an actually electronic gadget. However, it’s a great accessory for any phone/tablet. Not only is it Rose Gold, the colour everyone needs in their life apparently (grey is also available) but it’s also adjustable. This is great for me if I’m in bed and I’m watching a film or I’m at my desk and needing to look at my screen for long periods of time. It’s actually at a great price at £8.99 from Amazon. It’s one of those things that looks stylish as well as being super helpful. Having a gap for the lead also makes life easier and means the stand isn’t sliding over every two minutes.


JVC – TH-D227B 2.0 Compact Sound Bar
I’ve wanted a sound bar for so long, but honestly they were so expensive that I couldn’t justify the price. However, in the after Christmas sales I found this one that was from PC World from £60 reduced to £40. **I’ve just looked online and it’s gone back up to full retail price at £100 but watch out for the sales again!** I read the reviews and decided to give it a go. I love this, not only because it has a remote (boogie from a distance) but it also has bluetooth. So once you’ve plugged this to a mains you can connect wirelessly in the house. This means I can jump from sound from my phone to my tv all through my speakers. The sound is also great quality and certainly fills the room, well actually the whole bungalow! You can probably pay more and get better quality ones, but for a beginner and if you’re not fussed about anything too fancy, I would 100% recommend this.



Lumie Bodyclock ACTIVE 250
Ok so this one is one of my pricier purchases at £69.99 from Lumie (ordered from Amazon). We all know from my blogs, I find mornings really difficult. Partly because of my aches in the winter, but mostly because I HATE the dark mornings. I have really felt it this winter. So when I saw these online I was ready to try anything. The main features of this are, you can set an alarm to either the radio (I have Heart FM, fyi I know you’re buzzing to know) or you can have a number of sounds like birds chirping (no thanks) white noise or waves crashing. When you set your alarm, you can choose the light to come on gradually either, 15, 30 or 60 minutes before. I really love this idea as it helps me gradually come to the realisation my body has to move soon rather than BOOM GET UP.

The things I like about this clock is you can just have the light on as a lamp and you can also play the radio whenever you want too. The only negative I would say is that you know when you’re having a really bad sleep? And you feel like you’ve not even shut your eyes? When you see the dreaded glow it’s heart dropping. But all in all, it has totally changed my mood on a morning. I’m sure my family would vouch for that…


Well I hope you enjoyed that round up! If you did, make sure you sign up to my blog as I’ll be doing this again soon. Have you got any of the products I’ve mentioned or similar versions? Got something else that I need in my life? Tell me everything, I genuinely would love to know!

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