Storage, String and Stick on Silicon

Everyone knows I talk about my grabber a great deal, it’s the varnish to my nail – the air to my tyre. Recently I’ve had a little revamp of my room, and since going through it all I realised I have a few more items that I couldn’t live without which make my life so much simpler having (really) short reach. Being a strong independent woman is all well and good until you can’t reach the essentials you need to get on with your day.
Imagine, there’s an emergency and I need to get out (mainly for food). After switching my chair on and waiting for it to start up, then taking 5 minutes to reach the door handle and master repeatedly reversing and opening until I can get out is a bit frustrating. So I now have a piece of string on my handle, meaning I can casually exit with one swift drive forward and back. The dream.

Storing my beauty stuff can be annoying. If you put things in a draw the inevitable thing will happen and the things I need will be pushed right at the back. If it’s on a shelf there’s only one about 2 levels I can reach. That’s why this little contraption is a wonderful thing. It rotates on every section so I can get a good view of all my beauty products. It’s an organisational little person’s dream!


There’s nothing worse than getting right cosy in bed, just falling asleep then remembering you need to charge your phone – to find out the wire has dropped on the floor. Cue absolute RAGE. Now I have this stick on wire holder which means I can slot my phone wire in and keep it in one place so I never have to get out and grabber it from the floor again (well almost never).

So there’s a little insight into my tricks of getting round. Oh and dad because I know you’re reading this and showing it to all of your three friends, thanks for helping me revamp my room. Here’s a great shot of my wonderful desk you made 😀

If anyone else has any tricks I would LOVE to know them!