Styling Smart When You’re Small

When I was in Primary School teachers told me I didn’t have to wear school uniform due to my small size (cc my old blog where you can see how mini I was: Being Young and Disabled | 24 things I’ve Learned so far…) Being my stubborn self, I obviously immediately declined and tried to conform as much as possible, because that’s just the way I roll.

me in door edit

As I’ve grown up (age not height obvs), It’s really important to me to make sure I look smart. Not for vanity reasons but to make me feel extra confident. Now I have one particular job where I like to look relatively smart. It’s a tricky task trying to dress formal when clothes don’t naturally look the way they do on mannequins. Most smart clothes are super fitted which is a no go for me or long sleeved which doesn’t exactly work. So I thought I’d give some top tips for how I dress smart with this particular outfit.

First of all I go for more plain colours and simple styles – not too fussy. My wardrobe has a lot of white, black and grey now which I thought I would never have. But I always find that these colours look more office-y.

I make an extra effort with my make up. Depending on how much time I have on a morning but my two must haves are Eyebrows filled in and bronzer, anything else is a bonus. We all have our compulsory must do products don’t we?

me long dress edit

I don’t follow the crowd when outfit picking, a trouser suit or shirts just isn’t going to work for me. So my latest trick is buying a one size bigger long top and using this as a dress. Put my belt on top and we’re onto a winner.  This particular top was £3 for Primark, there are some perks to being small and cheaper outfits is one of them!

For my hair I always tend to have it down, I rarely have my hair up. One because one, it’s a massive effort and two I always like to bring my hair to the front of me. If I’ve got extra time I might add a few curls just to look like I’ve got my life together and get up super early every morning (spoiler alert: I don’t).

smart shoes

Now onto my favourite topic, you guessed it – shoes.
These are currently my favourite smart shoe from the trusty River Island. I just love the colour, not too in your face but sophisticated. Oh and let’s not ignore the incredible sparkled heel! I honestly feel like these could be sold in adult sizes too which is obvs the style goal.

shoes zoom

Would you just look at them!

So there we have it, that’s a quick look into one of my favourite smart styles at the moment.

Please let me know if you have any other tips on looking smart, I would love to know!

Exciting news alert!!
I have been shortlisted for a Blogger/Podcaster of the year award by the Diversity in Media Awards! If you enjoy my blogs I would super appreciate a vote! You can do here and you never know, I may get to dress up glam and attend the awards!