Surviving Winter as an Achey Extrovert

Those who know me in person know I am a #extrovert. I love people, chatting and generally having a good time. In the summer I’m on 99.9% energy (on my good, non-broken bone days), making plans and generally living my best life. However, at this time of year, I feel like a little hedgehog that is clinging onto any energy possible. I’m saving most of my energy for work, resting on non-working days and staying away from the cold air when possible.

It can get a bit difficult sometimes, not to get the violin out – but when you’re so used to being around people, you’re torn between being energised by people, and saving your energy for when you really need it. You feel guilty not going out as much but know if you do, this will take up more energy than usual as the cold weather zaps my energy. I’ve found it quite difficult recently, especially with a recent injury (minor) so I thought I’d put some top tips out there for anyone else feeling similar to me.

1. Reach Out

Last week, I realised I needed to reach out to my friends. Sometimes I don’t like telling them I’m achey or lacking in energy. I don’t really know why I’m defensive about that but I like to show that I am #capable at all times. Anyway, this week I called a few of my friends and asked if they could come to visit or arrange plans. Not to my surprise at all, they did. And it was exactly what I needed. I totally recommend balancing socialising and doing it on a level that’s good for you. It could just be chilling at home and watching a bit of Netflix, or going out and planning a rest day after, but it’s good to just keep your social vibes going.

Image of back of white phone on tartan fabric with TV remote on the left of image

2. Pamper Yourself

This is my favourite one. First of all, have you ever had a hot day-time bath? If you haven’t, you need to do this. It is 100% a feel-good action. I love to try different face masks and treatments (which really goes well with watching said boxsets too). I’ve recently been gifted this Soap and Glory one which I can’t wait to try.

There’s also little things like painting your nails to make you feel good, for me anything that sparkles is a go-to. I’ve been loving these from Barry M and &OtherStories. Not only will these instantly pick your mood up, but on the days you do go out – you’ll be looking extra glowy!

One pearl white nail varnish labelled '& other stories' another Barry M rose gold colour labelled 'liquid Chrome' and a bar of Moser Roth Chocolate on a tartan fabric background

3. Overload on Netflix

Let’s be honest, when it gets to summer – there’s no time for TV. We’re too busy popping to the pub or going out for ice cream. So whilst you can, catch up on all of those box sets you’ve not watched yet. Honestly, there’s nothing better than finishing a season in one day – yes, I’ll admit it. I’ve done that more than once. My favourite boxsets to watch are:

  • The Good Wife
  • Killing Eve
  • Luther
  • Reign
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Line of Duty
  • YOU

These are just to name a few!

4. Get those annoying jobs done

Once you’ve accepted that resting is absolutely fine and nothing to be guilty about, this is a great time to get those little jobs done that you’ve avoided throughout the year. Sorting your life out is a great way to prepare for the rest of the year while you’re resting. Writing a to-do list that is not just immediate things, but long term too.

Sparkly silver clipboard saying "things to think about"

For me, it’s been things like clearing out my draws, sorting all those wires out that no one knows what they’re for and even washing all of my make up brushes and sponges.

Two make up sponges resting on a white towel against a white background

It doesn’t sound much but it makes you feel proactive whilst still resting. Once you’ve done all these niggling jobs – you’ll be ready to get back out there when the weather eases a little and we can get back to business!

So there we have it, has anyone else been feeling similar? Remember, we’re all feeling it at the moment!
It was amazing that once I accepted to just adjust to how I was feeling, I could definitely relax more and get on with the above stuff and still feel a little more energised. I’m not saying these are solutions, but they certainly helped.

Is there anything you would recommend too? Let me know – details to have a chat with me are on my contact page! Roll on the sun putting its hat back on ey!

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