Why I’ve stopped filling in the silence

gem to the side smiling with bag on the back

I’ve said it before, I love small talk. But sometimes I can go too far. When I meet people I give it 100%, whoever it is from someone who’s opening a door for me or a person at the till. I will try to make them laugh, come out with sarcastic jokes and get to […]

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“Mum, shall a tell ’em am disabled?” | Disability and Employment

Gem in final year at school

Recently I wrote a blog about jobs and careers for the Brittle Bone Society which you can read here. In a nut shell it’s me talking about the fact that I didn’t really see myself having a job, not because I couldn’t do it – but that the world wasn’t set up for me to. […]

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To lean or not to lean? | Disability and Socialising

Gem with Drink in hand

I’m going to put this post out there, just so you can ponder this question yourself. There is no right answer but I know I have mine. Picture the scene – you see me at a networking event, I raise my chair but I’m still lower than everyone there. We say hello but you can’t […]

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Isn’t She Brave? | Sympathy and Disability

It was a Friday, my day off. Lovely. I had just been for a pub lunch with my friend. I’d eaten way too much and had a pint of coke so I was feeling a little bit giddy. On our way back I was laughing at everything. You know one of those moods. The sun […]

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5 Products That Make Life Easier

I like to make my life as easier as possible, whenever possible. As a disabled person I have to constantly look at products and see if I will be able to use them. If it means it will cut my routine time or take less energy, I’m in. So I thought I’d use this post […]

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Disability and Politics | My View

I know, I’ve said the P word. Sorry. If you’re sick of it, I’m sorry about that too. But the older I get, the more I realise why I have to learn about it all. I can’t afford not to. Every part of my life has a price tag, the care I receive, how I […]

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You could do with lip fillers!

So picture the day, I’m strolling around John Lewis pretending I can afford everything in the shop. I decided I was going to treat myself to a lipstick for my birthday. I mean who am I kidding, it just happened to be near my birthday, I was going to get one anyway wasn’t I? I […]

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You’re Always so Happy!

I was in Sainsburys once and a lady at the till who I recognise waves. Naturally I wave back. I shout hello and we have a mutual nod, as you do. Then she suddenly shouts “you’re always happy aren’t you love, always got a lovely smile on your face!” pleased as punch as if she’s giving […]

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The D Word…

The internet really is a wonderful thing. Especially when it brings communities together and allows people to share empowering messages about topics they possibly have never thought about before. Recently my friend, fellow disabled activist and selfie queen Karin Hitselberger (@Karinonwheels) started the hashtag #DisabledIsNotABadThing I absolutely love this as so many people daren’t say the […]

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