5 Small Things That Make Me Happy

iPad and smarties resting on white fabric

If you follow me on social media, you may know I’ve been a bit of a grump this week due to feeling “a bit under the weather” as some of us like to say. When I’m poorly though, I don’t just say I’m “a bit under the weather”. I am DRAMATIC. Woe is me. Yes […]

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Testing The StylPro Make Up Brush Cleaner [Gifted]

StylPro image

If you’ve been here a while you will probably know I’m all about making life easier. So when StylPro gifted me their Make Up Brush Cleaner, I was so interested to see if it would be a staple piece of tech that I would add to my collection.  Usually when I clean my brushes, I’m […]

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To lean or not to lean? | Disability and Socialising

Gem with Drink in hand

I’m going to put this post out there, just so you can ponder this question yourself. There is no right answer but I know I have mine. Picture the scene – you see me at a networking event, I raise my chair but I’m still lower than everyone there. We say hello but you can’t […]

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Video | Top Tips on Public Speaking

Gem Turner in front of fireplace

This week I’ve got a video to share all about public speaking. I’m not going to lie, this is something I’ve always hated (you’ll see why in the video) but I’ve had to develop these skills for previous jobs and opportunities – so I thought I’d talk about the tips and tricks I’ve learned along […]

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5 Products That Make Life Easier

I like to make my life as easier as possible, whenever possible. As a disabled person I have to constantly look at products and see if I will be able to use them. If it means it will cut my routine time or take less energy, I’m in. So I thought I’d use this post […]

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I Know Disabled People Too!

Picture the scene, I’ve just done a day of training. I’m buzzin’ but looking forward to riding the train home. The train is only 25 minutes long so just enough time to relax before I meet my mum back at the station. When I’m on the train I’m met with three men who have push […]

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Oh Stop Moaning

The title is aimed at me, don’t panic. Basically. I’ve drafted SIX blog posts in the last week but I just can’t get into the flow. This week has been unusually filled with stereotypical frustrating things that have happened. In a typical week I probably get one or two which are easy to talk about […]

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Sticky Situations

Being disabled means that you often have to rely on technology to be as independent as possible. From a young age I’ve loved the technology I use. My chair is my life and also part of who I am. However, being disabled can also bring some hilarious situations too, albeit not at the time but […]

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Disability and Exams: My Experience

It’s May, and for a lot of people that means one thing, exams. Eurgh. Even saying the word makes my skin crawl. I was never good with exams. In fact once, I got so stressed in high school that my tongue swelled and I couldn’t eat properly for days. Yep. I know. But the thing […]

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Great Expectations

When I go out, people make assumptions all of the time. And that’s ok, we all do. People assume I’m always with someone and I’m never just hanging out on my own. And if I am with someone they assume the person I’m with is my carer when actually they’re my friend I’ve known since […]

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