Testing The StylPro Make Up Brush Cleaner [Gifted]

If you’ve been here a while you will probably know I’m all about making life easier. So when StylPro gifted me their Make Up Brush Cleaner, I was so interested to see if it would be a staple piece of tech that I would add to my collection. 

Usually when I clean my brushes, I’m not going to lie to you, I just rub my brushes on a cheap bar of soap every other week and rinse. But, it takes a good half an hour AND you have to wait at least 24 hours for them to dry. Now, I’m not just going to say IT’S AMAZING YOU MUST BUY IT because it was gifted to me. I tested to see if it’s easy to set up, how long it takes and if it is actually worth buying. So stick around if you want to find out more!

The Set Up

So in this box I got: 

  • The triton bowl (which is apparently unbreakable and dishwasher safe, and spins it at a precise speed so it doesn’t damage brushes)
  • Attachments to click onto brushes (8 collars which means there is an attachment for every brush size)
  • The cleaning device 
  • Cleaner solution
  • Two make up brushes 
  • And most importantly – the instructions!*

StylPro unboxed items

I found the set up of this pretty simple. The cleaning device already came with batteries which I was so pleased not to have to go rummaging into the draw of doom for spare batteries. The only thing I would say is that the lid of the bowl was tough to open and I did have to get assistance opening that, which does cause a bit of a problem which I’ll explain later on. But all in all the instructions are very simple with illustrations so I was able to start using it in less than 10 minutes. 

Does It Actually Work? 

So I cheekily didn’t use the brushes it came with on my first test, i used my dirtiest, most used brush. My Bobby Brown foundation brush. If it could clean this, i would be impressed. I can say it did. It did feel weird at first, it feels like the liquid will go everywhere but it doesn’t as it has that lid (that I couldn’t open) protecting it. 

The way it works is the gold device is kind of like an electric tooth brush, you add one of the brush attachments that matches the brush you want to clean and simply dip into the solution. The brush spins so quickly,  it feels like some kind of Harry Potter spell. The solution is used for foundation only brushes. If you’re cleaning powered brushes. You only need soapy water – so I just used a few pumps or Carex. 

On the box it says that it dries too, and I’m not going to lie, I was cynical about this as my brushes take sooooo long to try the natural way. But, and get ready – I think this is the best part for me, they dried in under 10 SECONDS! It spins that fast that the water just spins out.  No more waiting the next day and still having damp brushes! That won it over for me.

Is It Worth Buying? 

Ok so, here are the factors I would think about: 

Time: Although it is so quick to use, I did have to keep changing the water/solution in the bowl. However, i suppose that the time it takes for the brushes to dry – it’s worth the extra prep time for me. 

Physical work: as I have arthritis in my hand, i was interested to see if I could deal with the physical work of this. I have to say i did get tired doing a few brushes, keeping the brush straight while it was spinning. However, I swapped hands on each brush and that helped. Pressing the on button was ok as it is a slide button. The bowl is also nice and small so it’s easy to control and not feel too over whelming. 

Stylpro device

Price: This set is currently priced at 49.00. As well as this, I did notice that the solution does go down quickly which means that you may have to spend more on the solution too. 

StylPro solution

Cleanliness: now, StylPro did tell me that 60% of people asked are not regularly cleaning their brushes. As someone who gets spots (especially on my jaw line) I really do want to have clean brushes regularly. I can’t deny that this device made my brushes way more cleaner than Iever could clean them before AND i don’t have dirty towels from drying them either. Below is a comparison of my most used eyeshadow brush and the images speak for themselves – it completely cleaned it to looking brand new and dry as a bone. 

So, all in all I would say this is definitely worth the money – but is a luxury item. If you work in make up – this is a perfect device. I also think this would a great gift if you have a family member who enjoys putting on make up. If you’re concerned about the cleanliness of your make up brushes and looking for a simple device to do the work for you – treat ya self! 

Thank you again to StylPro for gifting me this bundle. If you’d like to find out more about these products, visit their website

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