The Season of Shiny Shoes

Hello one and all

Let’s all just establish one thing – I’m not a regular blogger. I’m sorry, I’m disappointed too. The point of this particular blog in the first place however, is to tell you what fashion pieces I’m loving at the moment and if I’m really honest, it’s not great for some little people like me right now fashion wise.

We’re just coming out of summer so all the short tops are out of season (sad face) and in come the long jumpers and mahoosive scarves I could use as a duvet.

The only good thing about this time of year is… you guessed it. Sparkle.

With C*******s just around the corner (you watch it’ll be here before you know it!) there’s already sparkle in the air. So what do I do when I can’t see clothes?


And oh did I see them. So here’s a quick taster of what I’ve purchased recently shoe wise. They’re all from Next and these three pairs cost me just over £50 altogether. Now if that isn’t a perk, I don’t know what is…



*quick note* these are so shiny I can see my actual face in them ^


*also please note* no filter was used in these images – they are THAT shiny and glorious

So that’s what I’ve been up to recently to get me through the non accessible season. If any little people out there know of any good styles going on in the high street please do let me know. I’m just going to have to stick to the summer look for now. At least I have these beauties to go with it!