Warm Weather Favourites | July 2018

Warm weather – something we long to have in the winter. We finally get it and after a few days we internally secretly are a bit hot and bothered aren’t we? I know I’ve moaned every day for the last three weeks but I do love it more than cold weather. Thing is with hot weather everything’s a bit different isn’t it? What we wear, make up and even our routine. So I thought I’d let you know the things that’s been helping me through this warm weather.

Looking smart in warm weather is #hard. Clothing is warm and seems a bit of a faff. So I’ve been trying to wear light and easy clothes. That’s why I love this new top by Berksha which has buttons all the way down and a little tie. It’s quite easy to get on and off and I feel like the shape really suits my small neck.

Gem on decking two

Now I’ll go to products I use. So in this weather I think we can all say less is more. I can’t be doing with putting loads of products on because in 20 minutes it will be sliding off. However I found these in particular to really help. Let’s start from right to left.


BareMinerals – Complex Rescue
This is basically a tinted gel cream which is much lighter than a foundation. It has a light coverage so it evens out my red face but it doesn’t completely mask it. Then for the spots I’ve got near my jaw I just pop some concealer on. This is much easier to manage than constantly scratching at the flakey skin from sweating all day (just being real here guys).

The Ordinary – Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%
I know acid sounds a bit ooh. But this stuff has really changed my routine when getting ready. The texture of my skin is scaly and bumpy which can be hard to manage in this weather. I don’t know the science of this but it sorts the texture RIGHT out. It basically takes the oil away and gives me a nice clean blank canvas on to start my make up. The Ordinary is pretty well priced too which is a bonus.


I am really enjoying this Loreal lipstick (Color Riche Shine 465) at the moment. It does what it says on the tin and initially gives you a super shine. But when it fades you still have a really pigmented colour on your lips for hours after. So you can put it on first thing in the morning and have a nice tint to your lips all day. Very handy when you don’t want to be topping up in the heat. It also smells like watermelon too. oooh.


I also like a bit of a glow on mi legs at this time of year. I don’t know why but it just makes me feel even more confident but for some reason they never naturally tan well. That’s why this Dove – Derma Spa Summer revived stuff is so good. Literally I put some on one evening, went to bed and had a really subtle change the next day. I find that it does have that typically tanning smell but it’s not horrendous, just the usual smells from these kind of products. If you want a bit of a glow but not too dramatic, I’d recommend this to try.


And finally because it’s not all about beauty, it’s about just keeping bloody cool innit. I’ve recently bought this cute and handy fan on amazon which I LOVE. It’s a USB plug which means I can plug it into my laptop when I’m at my desk, and then attach to a wall plug for a night-time. I’ve used this everyday (actually mostly night). It also looks super sleek in my room, not an added piece of clunk but an ooh la la accessory.

So there we go there’s a few bits I’ve been enjoying recently. Has anyone else got anything that’s saved them in this heat? Let me know over on my social media because no doubt it will go in my wish list!

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