Was this a missed TV opportunity?

Posted by Gem Turner

A little secret about me, I love daytime tv. So much so that after work for years I’ve YouTubed many clips from daytime tv from the current day, watched endless debates, tv segments and interviews – it’s just what I enjoy. I think it’s something to do with the comfort of it from memories of watching it with mum as a child but also hearing different points of view from people about all sorts of topics.

Anyway, the other day I was watching a well known daytime TV show. I won’t name it because this isn’t necessarily aimed at them but their content and an example of a missed opportunity.

The banner on the bottom said “gadgets for lazy people!”. The presenters then proceeded to try out new tech for the kitchen. I saw on my screen a nifty gadget that actually peeled potatoes. Now, anyone who’s followed my cooking journey will know since I moved – I’ve been really trying to conquer the basics cooking wise. As someone with arthritis and less strength, this is quite a task but I’m really enjoying building my skills when I have the energy. So a gadget like this would actually be amazing!

What I thought was a shame was how the tv slot was framed. Why were these gadgets for “lazy” people? Why are you labelled as lazy when using devices? How far does this go? Are we lazy for using washing machines or cars? 

Wouldn’t it have been amazing if the segment was called “new accessible gadgets for your kitchen”! Now that I would watch.

So what’s my point? I wish media would think about how they frame tv segments, let’s think of each other, our audiences and not be quick to label.

If using a toaster is lazy then pass me the bloomin’ lurpack…

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