We’re accessible, we only have 1 step!

Posted by Gem Turner
Have you ever said “we’re accessible, there’s just one step!” in the past? ♿️

Accessibility obviously means different things to everyone. But when I ask if somewhere is wheelchair accessible I mean, step-free for my powered wheelchair. There’s no way of bumping this up most steps and it’s VERY heavy. So I’m always left deflated when someone says this…

Can anyone else relate? 💭

2 thoughts on “We’re accessible, we only have 1 step!

  1. Emily Coltman

    I was at a pub with a group of friends pre-Covid. They’d promised us they were accessible as one guy is a wheelchair user. We got there and lo and behold, a step… we lifted our friend in, wheelchair and all.
    Not acceptable in itself and would have been even worse if he’d been alone or if his chair had been a heavy powered chair rather than a lightweight manual chair.
    Always makes me think of the line from Harry Potter – “How do you expect Firenze to climb that ladder?”

  2. Donna M Day

    Definitely! The amount of times I’ve pointed out a building isn’t accessible because it’s not level access and someone has responded there’s only one/two/(even) three steps! Very frustrating.

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