What I Wear in a Wheelchair | Hot Weather Alert

I realise that I talk about the weather a lot. I moan when it’s cold because my bones ache, I moan when it’s warm because I get TOO hot. I know I know. We all do it don’t we…
Well, if you don’t live in England, it’s been actually pretty warm recently and I have to change my style up a bit.

Gem in Garden blur background.png

I haven’t talked about style in AGES and that’s one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place so let’s continue shall we!? SO first of all, my hair is naturally curly. Not those nice curls but the knotty and frizzy kind. So when it’s warm I tend to enhance my curls more with my trusty Babylon Curling wand so the more I sweat (let’s be honest here, I’m sitting in a metal machine, it’s HOT) the curlier I get and it looks like that’s what I was meant to do.

chair and shoes.png
Skirts are a must for me in warm weather. I can’t be doing with leggings when it’s too warm. A toilet break becomes too stressful and I end up trying to be a stunt woman getting them off and on again. Always a stretchy skirt is a winner as I can slide them from head to waist. I am super proud that my mum has made me this incredible denim number that is a staple of mine at the moment. Some of you may know I used to turn away mum’s sewing skills because I wanted high street fashion. Oh Gemma, if only you knew…

Anyway sorry mum, I’m making up for it now thought aren’t I? (4 skirts and counting whey).

Gem in Garden2.png
Moving on to Tops. They have to be minimal and manageable. Nothing too complex, and as little fabric as possible. My fave go to tops at moment are Boohoo’s crop swing vests. They’re relatively cheap, I can tie the straps to suit me, they’re cropped and they are super thin for extra cool factor.

And finally, make up. Well it’s got to be minimal hasn’t it? I stick mostly to NYX make up with a touch or Nars Sheer glow foundation as a base. The most important thing? A staple lip colour. This one I’m wearing is a NYX lip pencil in the shade, Alluring. It’s waterproof so all those ciders in’t garden don’t smudge mi lips!

Gem and Ellie Patio2.png
I will end with what I thought was a nice shot, until I started editing and saw that my chocolate Labrador was rooting for bugs in the background, so everyone – meet Ellie.

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