What’s in my Bag?

Whilst we’re still waiting for fashion to sort itself out (cc my last blog) let me tell you a fun fact. If anyone doesn’t know, my mum is a pretty great sewer. For a long time I was a nightmare of a daughter and refused any offer of clothes making because everyone else buys from the high street, so I will too. (Sorry mum). But now she’s won me over with some pretty great creations. For example this great satin top and skirt combo.13096352_10155869069376515_7983490477305052283_n

Long story short – now I’m asking mum to make me all sorts, and today I’m talking about my new wonderful bag and what’s in it. It’s a gloriously bright padded bag that fits just nicely on my chair (see above image). Because, if you’re a wheelchair user – you always need a bag to spice up your machine. I thought in this blog I’d tell you about my essential items that I always have with me.



I think this is an old term now? Anyway, some kind of portable waterproof coat – because there’s nothing like getting pitty stares when you’re carrying a brolly and driving a wheelchair. It’s also a massive effort to hold an umbrella without knocking people/children/lamposts. It also packs into a little package which is great as a cushion whilst travelling or in the cinema


Hair and Make Up

Now I can’t be bothered to take all my make up with me everywhere because driving and applying isn’t do-able but I have four staples. Specifically now it’s getting colder lip balm is a must. I’ve been trying to find the right one and my fave at the moment is Palmer’s lip butter. It’s a great taste and solves any cracked lips.

Mac’s Studio Finish concealer is a must for anyone who needs a quick eye brightening on the go. It’s a bit pricey but a perfect solution before any spontaneous selfie.

Now it’s autumn we can get away plumb and berry lips and my favourite by far is Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker in ‘Purple Rain’. It’s wonderfully pigmented but also very glossy so not too intense.

Finally in this section, a brush. Because we all know wheelchair hair happens. Especially now I commute to work it happens. So a quick brush to keep the hair in check is a must.

Portable Charger

So being small means that most of the time a plug is unreachable so the fear of my phone running out of charge is often and very real. That’s why now I ALWAYS carry a portable charger and a mini phone wire just in case. Here’s a link to the one I use, it’s small and fits in most bags. I’m still working out a routine on how to keep it charged regularly however – oops…

So that’s me in a bag! What can you not live without? I have a little space left in my bag so let me know what your essentials are that I could add!

Oh and thanks for the new bag mum!