Wheel Appeal

Bit of a weird title, I know. I couldn’t think of a good one so this is all we’ve got.

I started driving when I was 2 years old, I think anyway. Apparently when I first got my chair I would only drive in cirlces. Dad would say “try and go forward Gem” obviously I was a strong independent woman and carried on with my circles for a while. I think I’ve had 5 wheelchairs in my life so far and they’ve all been very special and (obviously) a massive part of my life.

Wheels (002).jpg

When most people see wheelchairs, they pity the user. “Aww bless her” or “aren’t you lovely”. So today I thought I would share with the world, the good things about wheelchairs and why I love mine.

It’s Lit

Ha, sorry I just cringed too. But, got a powercut? Fear not, I have bright lights everywhere I go. It’s also a staple dance changer when I’m out on a Friday night. Headlights and hazards, buzzing.


Extra room

You know when you go out for a meal and you are STUFFED. You know you can’t eat anymore because you will literally not be able to move. Well, the beauty of being in a chair is that you can roll around and not have to experience the food jumbling around you. Although, don’t go over any cobbles for a good 30 mins after. Not ideal.


When I’m out shopping, my chair becomes the real life buckeroo. Any places on my chair a bag can hook, it goes on. A dream this time of year for christmas shopping. Just don’t go through any narrow doors…


My chair can adapt to many situations, but what I love is that it can recline. This is super great when I’m going on long train journeys. I did this the other day and I could see another passenger watching with envy as I slowly reclined. I just smiled and put my earphones in pretending I was in a music video, as you do.

No drama

I think this is my favourite one. I can (90% success rate) stop any child mid-public tantrum. Sometimes I hear a child wailing and I think right let’s do this. I slowly drive past the child, give a smile and do a little spin whilst nodding at the adult who’s desperately trying to comfort them. Boom, you’re welcome. Child stops and watches in awe. I know, it’s a miracle. Problem is, I can only stay for so long. As I roll away I hear the child continue to wail. Sorry adult, over to you.

So there we have it. I know some people pity me and my chair – but I pity those people, because they will never be able to put their lights on, recline in a shop without carrying their bags whilst stopping children from screaming the shop down…

Any wheelchair users reading this, what’s your fave thing about your chair? Let’s get some positivity up in here!

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