You don’t have to prove yourself to strangers

Being disabled means you get judged way before people even strike a conversation with you. The common stereotypes I get are: ⁃ aww isn’t she lovely ⁃ bless her it must be hard ⁃ Isn’t it nice she gets out ⁃ She must have a really hard life I found myself from an early age […]

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My Ultimate Netflix Guide

Image of iPad with netflix on the screen

I love watching TV. I find it really comforting to have on in the background and I love a good snack-filled back to back watching sesh too. It’s got to be said though, I don’t like wasting my time either so recommendations are KEY for a good boxset. So I thought I’d list some recommendations […]

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How am I with the pandemic going on you ask? Well…

Gem Turner in wheelchair posing for the camera

I’ve been wanting to post for so long, but I have so many thoughts in my brain – whilst also being in such a slow paced environment and it feels really weird to do normal day to day stuff at the moment. Is it too insensitive to blog at the moment? Are people bothered? I […]

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Adjusting to Hanging Out at Home

Gem Turner holding Mug

We’re in tricky times at the moment, and we’re being told to stay home if we can. I, along with many other disabled people – have experience of this. So I thought I’d use this post to share my tips. As some of you may know, I at times have to stay at home due […]

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My Current Top 3 Face Wash Products

towel hanging on sink

If you don’t know already, as well as talking about disability – I like to dabble in a bit of lifestyle stuff too. I’ve talked about skincare in the past such as removing make up depending on energy levels and past favourite products.  Today I thought I’d talk about my fave face washes. Obviously, I […]

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“I never know when to [offer to] help disabled people”

Gem Smiling holding a cup of tea

Put ya seatbelts on, because it’s the biggy. The one I always get asked in my talks and workshops *promo alert – I do this kind of thing in real life too if you’d like a session, here is more info*. I hear things like “I never want to be rude” or “I ask everyone […]

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“You can’t say anything anymore!”

Gem Turner in wheelchair, orange cardigan and black t shirt

In the rise of people such as Piers M*rgan and Katie H*pkins, this phrase is said a lot. But I’m just going to get to my point. I don’t understand it. If I say something to someone that’s not ok, or could be said better I am #mortified and I think about it for days. […]

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Empowering Disabled People to be More Independent

Yesterday I had a social worker round to check about my care package etc, and it got me thinking about independence and how important it is for people to see it from the disabled person’s point of view. The meeting went great by the way (yay). Part of why I’m so independent myself is because […]

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2020 – Let’s get the wheels in motion

Image of Gem Turner sat in front of garage door

Happy New Year everyone. 20 bloomin’ 20 ey. The point of the title is that sometimes, when I don’t blog for a while – I feel a bit weird about pressing publish again. Especially the fact that it’s a new year too just adds to it. So I’m just getting on with it and trying […]

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Managing your hair when you’re in a wheelchair

Gem smiling with red watermelon drink

My hair is something that I’m really precious about. When my hair feels good – I feel good. But when you have shorter arms and have lower energy sometimes, it’s not always easy to maintain. Recently I cut my hair quite short (woah) which was a decision that I made to make it easier to […]

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