About Me


Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m gem. I’m a wheelchair user that enjoys a lot of things. I love to analyse the experiences I have, then share them – probably with jokes in between. When I was younger, there weren’t many disabled people in the media so I want to make sure I add my sparkle to the tiny part of the internet on this page. Oh I also have a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (type 3) aka Brittle Bones, because some people like the deets.

There are no rules on this blog. I love fashion, shoes, technology, make up, and of course talking about disability and how we can all learn more (including myself). So if that sounds like your kind of thing, this blog may interest you. It’s basically like an online diary with some of my thoughts too.

I live in Yorkshire and work in communications. This blog is purely a hobby but I do occassionally work with other organisations and brands. If you’d like to get in touch feel free to Contact Me.

Thanks for visiting!

Gem x